Love Our Saguaros… There’s Nothing Else Like ‘Em!

Photo by Jean Dickover

From time to time, we receive some very interesting e-mails. This e-mail from Jean Dickover is just such an example. Jean and her husband Jim spotted this especially unique and wonderful saguaro… they guessed that it had around 50 arms! Fun fact: It can take anywhere around 50-80 years for a single arm to develop and this guy’s got a lot of arms.

We wanted to share this with you for a couple of reasons: a) there is a major “WOW!” factor here — none of us at the office have ever seen such a cactus, and b) as noted in Mrs. Dickover’s e-mail, many of these “majestic creatures” are being defaced for no apparent reason. Just a friendly reminder, it is illegal in Arizona to harm saguaros. Damaging one of these plants is a misdemeanor punishable by a $250 fine (or one year in jail), plus the cost to restore the resource — translation: you kill it, you buy it and you pay for it to be transplanted. If you do see someone harming a saguaro, please call 1-800-637-9152 to report the crime.

On New Year’s Day, my husband Jim and I drove down to the Ironwood National Monument near Tucson. On the way home, Jim spotted this unique saguaro. I don’t believe there could be a more beautiful one anywhere. It was absolutely gorgeous… green and plump and healthy with at least 50 arms. It was 40 ft high for sure. We were just stunned by its beauty. But we came across several groups of target shooters and didn’t feel too safe hiking around there. Then, today, there was this article in the paper about that very thing. It’s just tragic to think anyone would shoot at such majestic “creatures” (they seem like people somehow). Anyway we thought you’d enjoy this photo, and no, it hasn’t been photo-shopped!


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5 responses to “Love Our Saguaros… There’s Nothing Else Like ‘Em!

  1. Thanks to the Dickovers for sharing. This is really amazing!

  2. G'ma

    Thank you so much – what a beautiful saguaro.

  3. It is an indredible saguaro!

    But, please remove the location where this beautiful Saguaro is located – it is an invitation to those who may want to do it damage or who might want to use it as target practice.

  4. Bill Colligen

    It will be interesting to observe this specimen as it ages to see if the arms out weigh the main trunk possibly causing it to topple because of uneven weight distribution.

  5. Nice cactus. After decades in the Sonoran Desert, the only one I ever saw even remotely like it was this one:
    (Infrared photo from the Tohono O’odham Nation).

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