About Editor Robert Stieve

Robert Stieve is the editor in chief of Arizona Highways magazine. He’s been serving in that role since April 2007. Prior to his arrival at Arizona Highways, he served as editor of PHOENIX magazine for eight years, and another three years as managing editor.

He’s worked for several newspapers and radio stations around the country, and was a speechwriter at the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. In addition to his work at Arizona Highways, he’s an adjunct professor at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University, and he serves as a board member of the Cronkite School and the Grand Canyon Association.

He holds a master’s degree in journalism from the Cronkite School and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Marshall University.

That’s Robert Stieve…

14 responses to “About Editor Robert Stieve

  1. Juan Pedro Gomez

    Hi Robert you can send me an email to jupegosa@infonegocio.com, Next May Anular Solar Eclipse is posibility to see.Thanks you

  2. Gail in AZ

    Check out HD Relay on Facebookive streaming made easy!!! Please contact for more info on live streaming the Grand Canyon to Arizona schools

  3. Beverly

    My father collected Arizona Highways from the 70’s and later.They have some great stuff in them. He has passed on and now im not sure what to do with them? If you have any ideas could u let me know?

    Thank you

    • Jack Sheldon

      There are a lot of people out there looking for earlier Arizona Highways issues… consider selling on Craigslist.

  4. The magazine has really declined over the past five years into little more than a photography magazine. I love the pix, but I miss the stories, the humor sections, the history, etc.

    • Thank you for your input Mr Pouwels. That said, I hope you’ll reconsider your statement. Each month, with the exception of December, our feature well is full of stories that reflect the history, culture and natural beauty of Arizona. What’s more, the entire Journal section of the magazine is dedicated to the written word. There, we publish a history story each month, in addition to stories intended to drive people to and across Arizona — and those stories speak directly to our mission. Certainly, world-class photography has long been synonymous with Arizona Highways, but our editorial content has never wavered.

  5. Joanne Filkins

    Hi Robert,
    Are you related to Marie Stieve? If so I send my condolences. She was my mother’s cousin by marriage and I just saw her obituary. My mother’s brother was also named Robert Stieve. I only met Marie a few times but I remember her as a very nice lady. She told me about her sister who taught music at SMU when I was getting ready to start college as a music major (many years ago).

  6. Maria berrigan

    Thankfully for your awesome job and magazine!

  7. In the March 2012 issue, you said you’d love to see our own photos on your Flickr gallery. How does one post images from our Flickr page to Arizona Highways?

  8. Parabens, sou de Brasilia, a capital do Brasil.
    Gostei muito das imagens e textos do seu blog.
    Te convido pra conhecer um pouco do Cerrado brasileiro
    pelo blog http://cerradania.wordpress.com

  9. Robert, I’m excited about the Feb. Iconic Issue! Can you tell me if there are any Page Lake Powell landmarks listed? if so, I’ll push the issue on our FB & Twitter pages.

  10. Hi Robert,

    How does one find out about the Friday Photos theme in advance? I’d like to submit photos.

  11. Clicking for Cash from Home

    Robert, back in the 1990’s–pre digital & social media, I would see the same group of photographers photos always featured in the hardcopy magazine. I, myself, attempted several times to submit photos and never got accepted. I am glad to see that is a wider group of people posting photos as it offers a greater thru the lens perspective of Arizona than just the same select few.

  12. Terrie Frankel

    Robert Stieve just spoke to our The Sedona Women group and was by far the most candid and entertaining speaker I have seen! His humorous insights and brilliantly presented historic photos of Sedona – featured in Arizona Highways Magazines – kept all of us entertained, riveted and enthralled.

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