About Arizona Highways

Arizona Highways magazine’s award-winning photography, travel journalism and its steadfast commitment to discovering the state’s treasures has brought the beauty and splendor of Arizona to visitors and natives alike for more than 80 years. To subscribe, visit www.arizonahighways.com.

Contributors to this blog include:

Robert Stieve, Editor

Jeff Kida, Photo Editor

Kelly Kramer, Managing Editor

Kathy Ritchie, Associate Editor

Noah Austin, Associate Editor

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20 responses to “About Arizona Highways

  1. Candi

    1 » Plan ahead and be prepared.
    2 » Travel and camp on durable surfaces
    3 » Dispose of waste properly and pack out your trash

  2. R Conley

    Which issues have articles on fly fishing?

  3. Is a digital issue on the way? How can I help you spread distribution through social networking? I would LOVE to contribute/write a column on Native Arizonans and their contributions to the great state of Arizona.

  4. keltrustsnoone

    Arizona Highways ~ I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Come to my blog and see what you need to do for it.

  5. Peggy Shipers

    I always loved the awesome pictures in Arizona Highways!

  6. Arizona Highways – I did find You by chance. When I was a school boy in Finland I ordered a magazine with the same name. I was very inspired to see photos from Petrified forest, beautiful handcraft, cactuses etc.

    The magazine was an eye to Arizona, because at those days, dating back more than 50 years, there was no Internet.

    By the way, I mentioned Your magazine in one of my posts:

    Native Indian life

    All the good to You there.

  7. I love your blog and have nominated you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”! I hope you accept. Here’s the link: http://stylishheath.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1168&action=edit

  8. As for me, I really, REALLY hate it that Highways has allowed a fruitcake site to plagiarize an AHM article of mine AND to publish it under the name “Jerry Sieve.” Will you please tell these flakes to take this down? http://thechurchofufology.blogspot.com/2010/07/indian-ruins-in-secret-canyon.html

    Thank you.

    Your former contributor and long-lamented associate editor,
    –Vicky Hay

  9. 15839 35th ave Ne lake forest park, wa 98155. do I have access on line ?

  10. Just came back from Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon. Should have found your blog earlier! Awesome photos.

  11. I have a silver piece of jewelry that looks like it is Mayan??It is a mask looking piece. I once saw a hand drawn picture of it in your magazine as a lost treasure piece. I think the article was in the early to mid 90’s. I would like to know more about is as I bought it at a second hand store.I know this is vague but I think I may have something here.Any suggestions??Thanx so much! G Griffiths 4240 N St Moritz Way Flagstaff, Az of E mail me at ioutta69@yahoo.com

  12. Cheryl Sanfedele-Kemper

    I would like to send a AZ Highways Calendar to my nephew.

  13. Your pictures are so inspiring. I’ll be headed to AZ come December for a cold camping trip!

    • G Griffiths

      I have a pin/pendant theat looks Mayan. I have seen it in one of your older magazines under lost treasures. Perhaps around the early 1992-1995’s. The picture was drawn and it looked just like the pin I have.It is an evil looking mask made of silver and quite intricate. I wish I would have saved the az highways article. If u can find it it would be wonderful because I dio not blieve it is a reproduction. Maybbe the add on pin and the hole where you may sting it into a necklace. PLease advise. I know ot os a big project but it may just be the original piece . Thanx so much Gay Griffiths 746 byron Milford Mi. 48381. I live in az for 34 years and then came back to my homestate. I am not sure where I will land but I love your magazine and have purchased subscriptions for my niece.

  14. some pics of Arizona Highways (and Utah) on http://www.730andmore.com and on http://730andmore.blogspot.com , have fun guys!

  15. if you agree, I would like to make link on my blog to this wonderful page?

  16. Hi!

    Just wanted to let you know that I nominated your for a One Lovely Blog Award. You’ve done such a wonderful job introducing this part of our country to the rest of the world.


  17. This is an excellent blog. I recently visited Arizona – Sedona and wish I had seen the blog before visiting, I would have gotten so many cool ideas on where to go. Love it!

  18. Nancy Gravett

    I was watching Az Highways the episode featuring the Hoover Dam, interviewing the person who runs Lee’s Ferry Lodge. You could not hear them talking. The background music was drowning out what they were talking about. I’ve noticed that alot in different episodes. Is there a way to turn the music down? So you can hear them talking????
    Really like the show. Robin does a great job.

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