Remembering Historic Greer Lodge

A piece of Arizona history was lost on May 10 when the historic main lodge at Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins was destroyed by fire. The lodge, which housed 10 rooms and the resort’s only restaurant, was built in 1948. Creature comforts like electricity came later, but the old lodge, with its stunning views of Greer Valley and its rustic log walls, continued to maintain that sweet charm, making it a popular destination for visitors looking for a taste of the simple life.

In 2004, its current owner, Doug Sandhal, added several free-standing cabins to the site, which brings us to the good news: Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins is still open for business, despite the loss of its main historical building.

A message from owner Doug Sandhal on the resort’s Website:

Welcome to the Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins.  You may have heard about the tragic loss of the Historic “Greer Lodge” building in a fire on May 10.

Unfortunately, the news media coverage made it sound like the ENTIRE Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins was destroyed.  IT WAS NOT DESTROYED.  The Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins with 60 Cabins and a total of 130 rooms remains Open and it is “business as usual”.  Our resort sits on 25 acres and it was not damaged by the May 10 fire.  We will rebuild the Greer Lodge building and keep you posted as we progress.

We really need your Help during this time of loss.  Please Call 928-735-7216 and make your Reservation for a summer visit to our beloved Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins. Thank you for your continued support.  Please spread the word that the Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins is open for business as usual.  Come up and Enjoy our 73° Average Day Time Temperatures this summer!

 Thank you.

Doug Sandahl, Owner

While we’re are sad about the loss of the historic lodge, we’re happy that Mr. Sandahl’s resort is still open for business.

>>Flickr photo courtesy of Neepster

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  1. ☆●★╚► 【Arizona History】 ☼ ► Preservation of Historic Landmarks for others to enjoy & learn by is so very appreciated! Thank-You. ☼ ► ● ☼ ► ●

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