Remembering Paolo Soleri, 1919-2013

Soleri's "urban laboratory"

Soleri’s “urban laboratory”

We are sad to report that the internationally renowned architect Paolo Soleri has died at the age of 93. The Italian-born architect founded the “urban laboratory,” Arcosanti, located some 70 miles north of Phoenix. Described by Newsweek as “the most important urban experiment undertaken in our lifetimes,” Arcosanti would ultimately serve as a school, a home, a commune, a church and a family for the nearly 7,000 individuals who would cross its threshold. It was Soleri’s life’s work, but in 2011, some 40 years after breaking ground on Arcosanti, he decided to retire at the age of 92. In January 2013, Arizona Highways profiled Soleri’s heir, Jeff Stein.

According to a statement issued by officials at Arcosanti, Soleri is survived by two daughters, Kristine Soleri Timm and Daniela Soleri, both of California; two grandchildren; and Cosanti, the famous urban research foundation he began. A private burial will take place at Arcosanti.


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5 responses to “Remembering Paolo Soleri, 1919-2013

  1. Ralph S

    I remember seeing him work at his drafting table up by Gainey Ranch in the mid 70’s and then riding up to see Arcosanti for the first time. An amazing place, concieved and built by amazing people.

  2. donna

    He was a man of vision. I just encouraged a friend who is a structural engineer in his 80s to visit Arcosanti while on a trip to Arizona. Jerry was blown away by Soleri’s design concepts. I’ll miss knowing he is somewhere in this world, even if his work and bells live on.

  3. James Lewis Hamilton

    I first met Soleri at his Paradice Valley fascillity in 1963… when only one earth formed dome room was built with a second being started… Impressive way back then, though I’ve wondered through the years why more main stream urban opportunities never followed his dynamic lead! Maybe ‘his time’ is yet to come! We should hope so!

  4. My brother & I worked for Paolo in 1983 at Costanti Foundation. We made those beautiful bronze bells and I boxed up and prepared them for shipping all over the world. It was a beautiful place to work, surrounded by bronze bells ringing in the wind and people who shared Paolo’s vision of a better world for all of us to live in. Rest in peace.

  5. belladaze

    Reblogged this on Kris Tabor Creative Real Estate Services and commented:
    Soleri was a visionary creator. I never met him but feel honored to have once long ago spent a beautiful afternoon with his mother . . .

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