New Project Could Help Keep San Pedro River Flowing

James Parks | San Pedro River

James Parks | San Pedro River

As Arizona’s population has increased, so has its water use, which means many of our state’s rivers are in danger of running dry. A new project in Cochise County, though, is aiming to keep one of them flowing.

As Arizona Public Media reports, the county and The Nature Conservancy have joined forces to build a series of retention basins in the land near the San Pedro River. The basins will slow down the flow of rainwater out of the Huachuca Mountains, allowing more of it to seep into the aquifers that feed the river.

The $2.5 million project aims to keep the river flowing even during the dry season. If it’s successful, it’s hoped that the project will spur similar efforts elsewhere in the state.

The Nature Conservancy’s Holly Richter is featured prominently in Arizona Public Media’s story. To learn more about Richter, check out our profile of her, which appeared in our March issue.


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4 responses to “New Project Could Help Keep San Pedro River Flowing

  1. tom

    good to see the b.l.m. stand up to az dept of water resources and the developer. the reality is there is not enough water or prospective water with this drought. now before all you pundits call me a hippie, naïve, tree hugger, be it known I am a registered republican you all……..and have been all my voting years that go back to barry’s (goldwater) times……so put that in your tea bag and drink it!

    • Cheryl

      So… a rare republican who understands the conserve in conservative. 🙂 Those who care for the land today, will reap the bounty of it tomorrow.

  2. redsken

    Kudos for Cochise County and The Nature Conservancy…Sending up Smoke and Prayers for the success of your project….Maybe others will follow your lead..

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