Friday Fotos: Seeing Red in Arizona

Jeff Lewis | Usery Pass

Jeff Lewis | Usery Pass

“We do not inherit the planet from our ancestors, we borrow it from our childern.” ― Native American saying

In honor of our December issue, featuring the many colors of Arizona, we decided this week’s Friday Fotos theme should be “red.”



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7 responses to “Friday Fotos: Seeing Red in Arizona

  1. very nice pictures, red just happens to be my favorite color next to purple. (which is a derivative of red)

  2. Looove, these, they are stunning! I lived in Flagstaff for almost two years and travelled all over Arizona and Utah and the southwest in general, so wonderful to see such wonderful photographs!

  3. Love these images! Personally, Arizona is color red!

  4. Susan

    How do I purchase December’s issue?

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