Hiking the Arizona Trail Just Got a Little Easier

Gill Couto | Arizona Trail

Gill Couto | Arizona Trail

Thinking about hiking the Arizona Trail? Thanks to a partnership between the Arizona Trail Association and Garmin International, you can now navigate this 800-plus mile trail using a pre-programmed data card that can be loaded into your handheld Garmin GPS device.

According to the Arizona Trail Association’s Website, “the data card provides highly-detailed digital topographic maps comparable to 1:24,000 scale USGS maps; a fully routable trail plus basic road coverage for reference; hydrographic features, including perennial and seasonal streams; searchable points of interests, such as campgrounds; 3-D terrain shading so you can estimate terrain difficulty; and township, range and section information and USGS quad locations.”

Garmin’s Trailhead Series – Arizona National Scenic Trail is available for $49.99.


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4 responses to “Hiking the Arizona Trail Just Got a Little Easier

  1. Jan Allen

    My hubby is the steward of the area of the Arizona Trail in the picture!

  2. Garmin GPS watch is one of my essential gadgets whenever I go on hiking at my fave hiking trails in Sedona, Arizona.

  3. I’m actually quite excited to try out Garmin’s Trail Series -Arizona National Scenic Trail. Thanks for this!

  4. Great site! Excellent tips — Arizona is such a beautiful place to go hiking in the fall and winter

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