Best of Monsoons… Your Friday Photos

Bob Thies | Dangerous Nature

OK, it’s not raining, and it doesn’t look like it’s supposed to rain this weekend or even next week. This makes me very sad because I would really love it to rain again — and soon.

In an attempt to engage the gods on this matter, I thought I might try and conjure up some Monsoons by sharing these wonderfully amazing images of weather…

Photographs of Monsoons, lightning or impending weather are pure magic to me… I love the colors, the textures… really, it’s that split-second, raw power of Mother Nature that takes my breath away.

I’d like to thank our Facebook friends for graciously sharing their photographs with us!

Keep em’ coming!

-KAT, Associate Editor


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8 responses to “Best of Monsoons… Your Friday Photos

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  2. Stunning…Simply stunning.

  3. Bob Thies

    To Arizona Highways….. Thank you for posting my picture.
    I am always so amazed at what people can capture on a camera.
    All of these photographers are truly great !
    Bob Thies

  4. Where is the link to post a monsoon picture for this blog?

  5. Great Photos! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Is there a way to share some images without using facebook?

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