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Grand Canyon National Park = Visitors, Money and Jobs for Local Economy

Photo by Scott J Horwath Photography

A National Park Service (NPS) report shows that almost 4.4 million visitors spent more than $415 million in Grand Canyon National Park and in gateway regions around the park in 2010. In addition, visitor spending supported 6,167 jobs in the local area. The four economic/job sectors most impacted by this visitor spending were lodging, restaurants, retail trade, and entertainment/amusement.

“Grand Canyon National Park is an international icon, attracting visitors from around the world. It’s no surprise that it has a substantial impact on the local economy,” said Grand Canyon Superintendent Dave Uberuaga. “The opportunity to engage in a wide array of popular recreational activities in one of the world’s premier geologic landscapes is a tremendous draw for tourism dollars.”

These figures are based on $12.1 billion of direct spending by 281 million visitors in and around 394 national park units around the country and are included in an annual, peer-reviewed, visitor spending analysis conducted by Dr. Daniel Stynes of Michigan State University for the National Park Service. According to the analysis, the 22 national park units in Arizona alone attracted more than 10.5 million visitors who spent approximately $671 million and supported 9,661 jobs in the state.

Across the U.S., local visitor spending added a total of $31 billion to the national economy and supported more than 258,000 jobs, an increase of $689 million and 11,500 jobs over 2009.




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A New Guide to the Grand Canyon State

The Arizona Office of Tourism (AOT) is proud to present the 2011 Arizona Official State Visitor’s Guide (OSVG). The magazine-styled publication informs, entertains and encourages readers to discover what Arizona has to offer as a premier vacation destination.

Fully supported by advertising dollars, the 2011 Arizona Office State Visitor’s Guide was produced with no direct costs to the agency’s budget. More than 450,000 copies have been published along with 500,000 accompanying comprehensive maps. Complimentary copies of the guides and maps will be distributed in response to the agency’s consumer advertising campaigns, as well as to travel industry partners and at visitor information centers located throughout the state.

“As one of our most requested visitor resources, we are thrilled that the 2011 Official State Visitor’s Guide is now available to consumers,” said Sherry Henry, AOT director. “Visitation to Arizona is vital to our state’s economy and the OSVG is an important visitor tool which offers a wealth of Arizona travel information that travelers can use to plan their next vacation to the Grand Canyon State.”

Within the 100-page OSVG are articles written by Arizona-based writers who infuse their own statewide travel experiences into the variety of articles about tourist destinations located throughout the Grand Canyon State. These articles celebrate Arizona’s great tourism assets including scenic road trips, family-fun adventures, local cuisine, outdoor experiences, Native American heritage and Wild West history.  The 2011 OSVG also takes a historic look at Arizona’s last 100 years in celebration of the Grand Canyon State’s upcoming Centennial.

In addition to the informative articles, the guide features images of Arizona’s signature scenery– the majestic beauty of the Grand Canyon National Park, the inspiring views of the Sonoran Desert, and the breathtaking scenes of the state’s mountain vistas and lakes–that millions of visitors from around the world travel to see.

Also to be found in this guide is information on Arizona’s celebrated history, invigorating arts and culture, luxurious resorts, rejuvenating spas, championship golf courses, fine dining options and a wide-selection of shopping opportunities.

The accompanying map includes valuable travel and tourist information, including a detailed listing of campgrounds and recreational areas, information on the state’s Native American lands, a listing of Arizona’s designated Scenic Roads and statewide travel tips.

The guide serves as the agency’s central prospective visitor fulfillment tool to encourage travel to Arizona to support Arizona’s economic vitality. The Arizona tourism industry brings millions of visitors annually to the Grand Canyon State. In 2009, more than 35 million visitors spent $16.6 billion throughout the state, contributing nearly $45 million each day into Arizona’s economy.

The industry, which produces revenue in all 15 Arizona counties, is also responsible for generating $2.4 billion in local, state and federal tax revenues. This equates to more than $1,000 per Arizona household. Additionally, the Arizona tourism industry employs more than 150,000 Arizona residents. Combined with the secondary employment that is generated, more than 290,000 Arizona residents are impacted by this vibrant industry throughout the state.

The Arizona Office of Tourism’s Official State Visitor’s Guide is available to order at www.Arizonaguide.com<http://www.Arizonaguide.com>.  To obtain a complimentary copy of the 2011 Arizona Official State Visitor’s Guide, log on to www.Arizonaguide.com<http://www.Arizonaguide.com>  or call the Arizona Office of Tourism at (866) 298-3312.


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