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DBG’s Wildflower Tracking Site Returns on Saturday

Saija Lehtonen | Mesa

Mexican goldpoppies in Mesa | Saija Lehtonen

Although you’ve likely seen wildflowers popping up in front yards and on roadsides in parts of the state, this Saturday, March 1, is the unofficial start of wildflower season in Arizona. On that date, Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Garden will activate its Wildflower Info Site, giving wildflower seekers up-to-date reports on desert wildflower blooms in Central and Southern Arizona.

The site may be even more valuable than usual this year. Due to a relative lack of rainfall, this season’s wildflowers are expected to be somewhat sparser than normal. The DBG’s site can help take the guesswork out of your wildflower search.

Also debuting March 1: the DBG’s Spring Butterfly Exhibit, which features hundreds of fluttering butterflies at the garden’s Marshall Butterfly Pavilion. The exhibit runs through May 11.


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