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Just Another Day At The Arizona Highways Office

Editor Robert Stieve and Managing Editor Kelly Kramer

Every month, the gang on the editorial side of the magazine gathers to make final changes to an issue before it goes to the printer — we call it collating. The process can take several hours and often involves some debate…. Should we add this? Should we cut that? This doesn’t makes sense…. that does make sense…

Here, we’re editing the July issue and we think you’re going to go bananas when you see what we’ve packed in these pages… keep an eye out — it’ll be here before you know it.

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Where in the World is Arizona Highways?

At Cafe Babette, in Curitiba, Brazil,

Thanks Senior Editor Randy Summerlin for clearing customs in Brazil with several copies of Arizona Highways!

Looks like we’ve got a few more fans!

Next time you take a trip, don’t forget to bring your copy (or copies if you’re like Randy) of Arizona Highways and submit your pic for our Global Snapshots page… All you have to do is take a picture of someone posing with our magazine, and we’ll post it on our Website and our blog. The shots can be taken in front of an old church in Croatia or an art gallery in Los Angeles. Anywhere. Then, send your photo, the location and name of the person pictured to: editor@arizonahighways.com

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