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Watch Arizona History Come to Life on TV

February 2013

February 2013

Seems our story about Olive Oatman (“Blue in the Face,” February 2013) caught the attention of fans of the TV show Hell on Wheels. We received a few letters from folks describing the made-for-TV tattoo on character Eva’s face, including this one from Marie Locklin, who wrote the following:

This was interesting to me since I watched a show on TV last year called Hell on Wheels, which is suppose to be about the building of the railroad across the West; fictional, of course, but I hope it continues to run next season. But what was of interest is that one of the girls has this exact tattoo on her chin, and that is what she explained when someone asked her about it last season. Of course, I am sure hers was painted on for the show and not real like Ms Oatman’s was.

For those of you who don’t watch the show, Eva, like Olive Oatman, was captured by Native Americans and given a blue tattoo on her chin, presumably to identify her (as was the case with Ms. Oatman). Though some details are altered and/or omitted on the show, it sure looks as if Eva is based on our very own Olive Oatman.

If you haven’t read about Olive Oatman, you can pick up a copy of the February issue of Arizona Highways on newsstands now.


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