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Giving Back to the Firefighters…

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Last week, some members of the Arizona Highways team went on a shopping spree at Costco… you see, like a lot of people, we wanted to show our support for the firefighters who are doing such a tremendous job protecting and saving our state.

“There’s nothing we can do to bring back the homes, the trees, the wildlife that have been lost in these devastating fires, but we can do a little something to help the folks in the fire zones weather the storms,” says Arizona Highways Editor Robert Stieve. “We have an incredible staff that contributed products and cash to the cause. A couple days ago, we took the money and made a trip to Costco.”

The Costco trip was especially meaningful because Robert and Managing Editor Kelly Kramer had just returned a few days earlier from a whirlwind trip to Springerville where they saw first hand some of the devastation caused by the Wallow Fire.

“After talking to the firefighters and witnessing the Wallow Fire firsthand, we knew that the least we could do was send up more water and snacks—they’re helping save Eastern Arizona communities and as much forest as they possibly can,” says Kelly.

As of today, the Wallow Fire has scorched over 519,000 acres and is 51% contained. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only fire our state has to contend with. Firefighters are also battling the Monument Fire, which has already consumed over 20,900 acres, while Horseshoe Two has charred over 213,500 acres.


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Thinking of the Beauty that is Arizona

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I can’t believe yet another wildfire is burning—this time the blaze is located near Sierra Vista. The Monument Fire has already led to evacuations and, according to azcentral.com, is moving pretty fast thanks to the high winds that are fanning this third inferno along.

With the Wallow Fire still burning—I hear it has scorched nearly 500,000 acres and is only 33% contained—I just felt sad, and a little sick. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the country, and yet as I write this, parts of our gorgeous state are being destroyed by flames.

So, when I got into the office this morning, I jumped on Flickr and went straight to our photo stream. I just wanted to scroll through some of the magnificent images taken by our many fabulous photographers…

Check out the slideshow… pretty impressive, dontchya think?

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