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Presenting … Our 2013-14 Online Photo Contest Finalists

Government Prairie, near Flagstaff | John Tennant

Government Prairie, near Flagstaff | John Tennant

It wasn’t easy to pick only 30 finalists in our 2013-14 Online Photography Contest. We had nearly 5,000 entries, after all — and, to borrow a favorite phrase of Photo Editor Jeff Kida, “you brought it!” As fun as it was to sift through these spectacular images, it also made the task of narrowing them down that much harder.

That said, it’s finally done, and the finalists are up on our Photography page. The photo above is John Tennant’s, and it’s a finalist in the Landscape category. To see the other 29 finalists in the Landscape, Macro and Wildlife categories, click here.

Winners will be published in the September 2014 issue of Arizona Highways.


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Friday Fotos: Are You Ready For Your Close-Up?

Photo by Susan Beebe

There’s something rather remarkable about close-up photography… you’re able to catch those delicate details that you might otherwise miss. Needless to say, macro photography can be quite spectacular, so we thought we’d check out your close-up work this week… We have some excellent images in our gallery and we encourage you to share with your friends on Facebook or pass this blog along to your Twitter followers.



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