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Arizona Highways on NPR

Dawn Kish, Baby Sue, Kelly Vaughn Kramer

(L-to-R) Dawn Kish, Baby Sue, Kelly Vaughn Kramer

In the upcoming March issue of Arizona Highways, Managing Editor Kelly Vaughn Kramer writes about a Havasupai medicine woman named Dianna Baby Sue White Dove Uqualla. In November, Kramer ventured into the Grand Canyon to meet with Baby Sue and receive a blessing; however, she wasn’t alone. Joining her on the 8-mile journey to Supai (plus another 2 miles to reach the campground where they stayed) were photographer Dawn Kish and KJZZ reporter Laurel Morales, who reported the story for Fronteras: The Changing America Desk.

Baby Sue, Laurel Morales, Dawn Kish

(L-to-R) Baby Sue, Laurel Morales, Dawn Kish

“We have a relationship with KJZZ here in Phoenix, wherein they track a few of our stories,” explains Kramer. “The trip to Havasu Canyon to visit Baby Sue seemed like the perfect fit for a collaboration because hers was such a great story and the trip itself would provide some great opportunities for audio.”

Morales captured Kramer’s blessing and talked to her about the experience, giving readers a glimpse into both an Arizona Highways writer’s experience and process, and a world that so few of us will ever see.

You can listen to Morales’ report here.


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