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Behind the Scenes With the AZ Highways Team

The editorial staff is down in Tucson today and we’re in the midst of a brainstorming session at the Rincon Market. We’re here chatting about our upcoming Centennial issue… something we’re all very excited to put together…

Kelly is at her laptop taking notes and Robert is telling jokes in between Tweeting. We’ve come up with some great ideas so far — we love brainstorming… tossing around ideas, talking about the people and places that have helped shape our state… it’s coming along rather nicely.

Earlier in the day, Robert’s entourage (translation: myself and Managing Editor Kelly Kramer) joined him at KGUN for his TV appearance where he talked about what’s right with Arizona.

Before his TV spot, the three of us were hanging out at KGUN’s green room… also in the green room was a 46-year-old model who was going on air to share her secrets for good posture and youthful-looking skin, as well as a sweet dog named Tyson — the well-behaved pooch was going on live TV because he’s up for adoption.

Robert had a great segment(see the link above) and here we are…

The boss man has one more TV appearance at KVOA before we head home… it’s just another day at Arizona Highways.

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