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Celebrating Our Centennial: Arizona Highways Special Centennial Edition

If you loved the February 2012 issue of Arizona Highways, then you’re going to love our Special Centennial Edition of the magazine. This hard-bound book is sure to become a collector’s item, so buy your limited edition (that’s right: limited edition) copy for only $12.99.

The stories you’ll see include essays by Hugh Downs and Sandra Day O’Connor, as well as a history piece by state historian Marshall Trimble. Plus, 100 Years in Pictures illustrates the centennial with photographs beginning with a shot of Gila Academy’s Class of 1912. You’ll also have a centennial timeline that details some of the most interesting events of the last 100 years and the official 1912 state map.

As our editor Robert Stieve put it, “One hundred pages wasn’t enough…”

No, it wasn’t, but we think you’ll be delighted none the less with this very special book.


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Celebrating Our Centennial… The February Issue


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