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Visit the Arizona Highways Gift Shop This Holiday Season

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Arizona Highways gift shop

If you’re still on the lookout for the perfect present this holiday season, stop by the Arizona Highways gift shop ASAP. Inside, you’ll find all sorts of unique, Arizona-inspired gifts that your friends and family, both near and far, will love … think books, ornaments, food, artwork, jewelry, clothing and plenty more.

So whether you’re trying to find just the right gift for your favorite aunt, the brother who has everything or your very picky mother-in-law, there’s certainly something for everyone. And in case you’re wondering what we at Arizona Highways like to send our loved ones, well, you can find out below.

Arizona Highways gift shop

Arizona Highways gift shop

Editor Robert Stieve: Back copies of Arizona Highways magazine. “There are several things that catch my eye in our gift shop, but I’m most drawn to the old copies of the magazine — we sell back issues from the 1940s and 1950s. It’s always fascinating to step back in time and imagine what it was like for the editors back then.”

Managing Editor Kelly Vaughn Kramer: Soleri bells. “I’ve purchased Soleri bells and given them as gifts for a couple of years now. They’re so distinctly Arizona, but I didn’t have to make the trek to Arcosanti to buy them.”

Associate Editor Kathy Ritchie: Children’s books and candy rocks. “My little cousins live in Minnesota, and they’ve never visited Arizona. It was a fun way to introduce them our beautiful state. I also threw in some candy rocks — they look like real stones — and I think they got a kick out of those.”

Associate Editor Noah Austin: Holiday cards. “We got a 20-pack of holiday cards, which are on sale for $11 right now. A great deal for that many cards!”

Photography Editor Jeff Kida: 100 Greatest Photographs to Ever Appear in Arizona Highways. “My favorite gift this year is the 100 Greatest Photographs book because I think it’s a wonderful compilation of amazing photography from a really unlikely source — an engineering magazine.”

Creative Director Barbara Glynn Denney: Turquoise bracelets. “They’re my favorite! They’re delicate, pretty and affordable — and so Arizona!”

Art Director Keith Whitney: A metal javelina and the Arizona Highways Photography Guide. “I bought one of the metal javelinas for my daughter last year. She had just moved to Tucson and had a couple of javelinas run out in front of her while she was driving. I thought it was a fun reminder of her new life out here. This year, I’m going to buy our photo guide for a cousin who is turning into something of a shutterbug.”

Design Production Assistant Diana Benzel-Rice: Engagement calendars. “My mother absolutely loves the engagement calendars. They’re convenient and, of course, the photography is spectacular.”

Editorial Administrator Nikki Kimbel: Hand-painted glass ornaments and video postcards. “I love the hand-painted glass ornaments — there are so many to choose from, and they’re just lovely. The annual Arizona Highways holiday ornament is also a winner. I also really like the video postcards. They show a continuous stream of images, and it’s the perfect gift for my friends and family who live outside Arizona.”

Information: The Arizona Highways gift shop is located at 2039 W. Lewis Avenue in Phoenix. You can also visit our online store at http://www.shoparizonahighways.com.

**Some items may no longer be available due to limited supply.




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