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Celebrate National Trails Day This Saturday

June 2014This Saturday, take a hike. In honor of National Trails Day, the country’s largest celebration of trails, Editor Robert Stieve wanted to share a few of his favorite hikes. We hope you’ll go out and celebrate Mother Nature — just remember to adhere to the Leave No Trace Principles.

Widforss Trail, North Rim
It’s hard to single out the best hike in Arizona. There are too many 10s. That said, a solid case can be made for the Widforss Trail. It’s quiet, the ecosystem is exceedingly diverse, and over your left shoulder you’ll see one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The only thing the Widforss doesn’t offer is elevation gain, which is important to hikers who want to burn calories while drinking in the scenery. Still, this is a 10-mile round-tripper, so a few calories will be incinerated. More

Weatherford Trail, Flagstaff
It’s hard to imagine driving a Model T up the slopes of Fremont Peak, but that’s what John Weatherford had in mind in the 1920s when he constructed an eponymous toll road to the upper reaches of the San Francisco Peaks. It was an ambitious undertaking that was ultimately undermined by the Great Depression. Fortunately, he had better luck with his hotel in Flagstaff. Today, the Hotel Weatherford (he liked his name) is still one of the best places to stay, and his toll road, as it turns out, has turned into one of the best trails in Arizona. More

Barbershop Trail, Mogollon Rim
This trail is not marked by red-white-and-blue barber poles. It would be nice if it were, but it’s not. Instead, this is one of those trails that can be hard to follow. Usually, all you have to do in Arizona is get to a trailhead, throw on a backpack and hit the dirt. You couldn’t get lost if you wanted to. This trail is one of the exceptions. More on that later. More

For more hikes, check out our June issue, featuring easy summer hikes, or pick up Robert’s book, Arizona Highways Hiking Guide: 52 of Arizona’s Best Day Hikes for Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall.

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Robert on Good Morning Arizona

Missed Arizona Highways Editor, Robert Stieve on Channel 3’s Good Morning Arizona yesterday? Well, grab your cuppa joe and sit down, because we’ve got your morning fix.

Check out the boss man talking about our June issue and some of the wonderful hikes we featured in this latest edition of the mag.

So, tell us. What do you think of Robert’s on-camera performance?


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