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Go North … By Editor Robert Stieve

Along the North Rim Parkway

It was an incredible weekend. It always is when I have an opportunity to visit the North Rim —  it’s my favorite place in Arizona. This time I was up there for two reasons: 1) to attend a board meeting for the Grand Canyon Association, which is an amazing organization that works in partnership with the National Park Service to help educate and inspire visitors to the Grand Canyon; and 2) to do some hikes for the magazine and for the second edition of my hiking book. The hikes were incredible, the weather was stormy and the Grand Canyon … well, there aren’t words for that thing. Here’s a selection of photos I posted on Instagram over the weekend. Keep in mind, I’m not a photographer; I’m just a guy with an iPhone who happened to be in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

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2013 Arizona Highways Grand Canyon Calendar… Get One (Or Five) Today!

Start planning 2013 with the Arizona Highways Grand Canyon calendar. This 12 month scenic calendar is an outgrowth of the long-standing collaborative relationship between Arizona Highways magazine and Grand Canyon Association. Proceeds from the sale of this calendar go to support the missions of both organizations. We hope you enjoy this calendar, and when you gaze at each magnificent photograph, you take pride in knowing that a portion of your purchase supports both the Grand Canyon Association and Arizona Highways.

Get one (or five) today!

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A Good Cause: Sharing the Grand Canyon with Schoolchildren

Photo by Michael Pancier

Virtual Field Trips for Kids is a ranger-based program that will stream live over the Internet from historic Kolb Studio reaching as many as 10,000 students annually. At one point, the program hit a serious roadblock due to lack of funds, but thanks to your generous donations and the matching donations made by members of the Grand Canyon Association board of directors, this special program will live on — stronger and better than ever.

To date, $30,000 has been collected and the donations continue to pour in, so a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated.

Using the beauty of the Grand Canyon as a backdrop, Virtual Field Trips for Kids features uniformed park rangers encouraging children to explore their local parks, connect to the outdoors and learn about the environmental issues facing not only the Grand Canyon but the planet as a whole. Through the program, children learn the importance of caring, preserving and protecting the natural world.

New equipment will connect with students through streaming video, green-screen technology and shots of Grand Canyon. Kids will be able to talk live with a park ranger and see what the Canyon looks like at that very moment!

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