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Saying Goodbye to Globe’s Iconic Apache Drive-In

November 2011 coverSome incredibly sad news to report out of Globe: The Apache Drive-In theater is calling it a day this Saturday, September 28. We wrote about this iconic landmark in our November 2011 issue. At the time, owner Robert Hollis had high hopes of keeping his drive-in open for at least a few more years, but he knew, even then, that technology was getting in the way of the good ol’ days.

“I have no doubt my drive-in will be gone in five years,” he said. “Times are changing and the upkeep on drive-ins is very high. Eventually, it’ll become cost prohibitive.”

According to a press release, the Apache Drive-in “will join over 50 drive-ins throughout the state that have closed over the last 30 years.” However, it has the “unique distinction of being the last single-screen theater to close in Arizona.”

Despite the disappointing news, the Apache Drive-In is going out in style, with a gala hosted by Globe Miami Times and the Hollis family. Besides playing the classic flick American Graffiti, there will be a “Fashion, Fenders and Wolfman Jack” contest, as well as a tailgate party.

“This is a historic event for our community, as well as another chapter in the saga of drive-ins across the country,” says Globe Miami Times publisher Linda Gross, who will be hosting the event that night. “As storytellers, we knew this was something that needed to have its moment in history recognized. Plus, it is a way of saying thank you to the Hollis family, who have managed to keep the Apache Drive-In open longer than most.”


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