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Arizona vs. Vermont: Battle of the Fall Leaves

The October issue of Arizona Highways is garnering plenty of attention on the East Coast. Our fellow IRMA publication, Vermont Life, issued a mock cover in response to ours, which claims that fall in Arizona is better than it is in Vermont. The result? A tongue-in-cheek, all-in-good-fun autumn smack down, which you’ll likely see in the news over the next few days — the story has been picked up by the Associated Press, and Robert has been doing interviews all morning.

Rest assured, though, you’ll see that we position Vermont as the gold standard when it comes to fall leaves. The comparison we make in the magazine isn’t about quality of fall color, but rather the length of our respective fall seasons. Because of geography, we’re blessed in Arizona with an autumn that runs from early September on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to early December in the southern parts of our state. Our cover lines were merely a catchy way of pointing out that Arizona, like Vermont, has an incredible fall season, which runs counter to the stereotype that Arizona has only one season: summer. The issue hits newsstands in early September.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 10.36.21 AMArizona Highways‘ October cover

Fun Vermont Life Mock UpVermont Life magazine’s mock cover


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Fall Is Finally Here … Well, On Our October Cover, It Is

October 2013


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Friday Fotos: Gorgeous Autumn Landscapes in Arizona — Yes, They Do Exist!

Reid Helms | Hart Prairie

Fall officially begins this Saturday… and I have to say, it sure doesn’t feel like it from where I’m sitting here in Phoenix (105, really?). Fortunately, your fantastic photographs of autumn landscapes are giving me something to look forward to.

Thanks to everyone who shared on our Facebook wall, and please feel free to spread the word via social media — you know the drill: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc, etc, etc.




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