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A Friendly Reminder From Our Friends at ADOT: Please Avoid Navajo Route 20

Courtesy of ADOT

Courtesy of ADOT

Just a friendly reminder that if you’re traveling north to Page and the Lake Powell area, please follow the Arizona Department of Transportation’s approved detour, which will take you from U.S. Route 160 to State Route 98. Yes, you might be tempted to take Navajo Route 20, but don’t do it. The road is unpaved and under construction, and several vehicles have already gotten stuck in the loose sand. There’s also limited cell-phone coverage, which means calling for help may not be an option.

Courtesy of ADOT

Courtesy of ADOT

We understand you want to minimize your travel time this summer, but please play it safe and smart, especially if you’re traveling with little ones. Loose sand dunes are dangerous and incredibly difficult to navigate through. Construction on Navajo 20 should be completed later this summer. For the latest project updates, videos, photos and news, visit azdot.gov/US89. Motorists with questions can email them to projects@azdot.gov or call toll-free 855-712-8530.

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Page and Lake Powell Area Are Open for Business.

On February 20, a 150-foot stretch of U.S. Route 89 was significantly damaged by a landslide. As a result, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) was forced to temporarily close the road. Despite the closure, we want to remind everyone that Page and Lake Powell are open for business. In fact, the local businesses there need your help.

“With the busy tourism season coming up, there are a lot of people concerned in Page and the Lake Powell area with how this closure is going to impact their businesses,” says ADOT spokesman Dustin Krugel.

It’s also important to note that U.S. Route 89A is not affected by the closure. So if you’re heading to the Grand Canyon’s North Rim (when it opens for the season in mid-May), Fredonia, Lees Ferry or Marble Canyon, the detour won’t impact your drive.

So, as you start planning your summer vacations, don’t forget about booking that trip up north. Yes, the route you’re used to taking is closed, but the 45-mile detour is an incredibly spectacular drive.

For the latest on U.S. 89, visit azdot.gov/US89.


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