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You Tell Us: What’s the Best Burrito in Arizona?

We’ve been closely following the Burrito Bracket, a FiveThirtyEight project in which burritos around the country face off, March Madness style, to see which is the best burrito in America. Arizona’s own Carolina’s Mexican Food advanced to the Sweet 16 with its red machaca burro, but last week, it lost out to a Los Angeles bean-and-cheese burrito in a closely contested semifinal.

Some of us here can personally vouch for the deliciousness of Carolina’s burritos, but there are plenty of other great burrito joints in the Grand Canyon State. In fact, it’s a travesty that the FiveThirtyEight bracket included only one other Arizona restaurant, Vincent’s on Camelback in Phoenix. (While Vincent’s is a fine establishment, its entry was a lobster chimichanga, which isn’t really a burrito and also isn’t on the menu anymore.)

This isn’t the first time we’ve polled you on this, but you tell us: What’s the best burrito in Arizona? (We’ve started with a few old favorites in this poll, but feel free to add your own suggestions.)


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Yuma is the Sunniest City on Earth…

…And the proof is in the pudding. Literally.

Following in the footsteps of the old Pilot Knob Hotel in Yuma, which at one time offered free board every day the sun didn’t shine, folks visiting the “It City” can now take advantage of a similar deal in honor of Arizona’s Centennial. All you have to do is stay at a participating hotel (on a cloudy day) and you could receive a free meal! Just like the olden days. Sort of.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, guess you’ll have to take a trip to Yuma and find out for yourself.

Oh and FYI, Yuma has around 350 days of sunshine, so GOOD LUCK to you!

Friendly side note/trip advisory: Burrito lovers, be sure to hit up Chili Pepper for some spectacular food — no joke, you’ll think about their tasty been and cheese burrito for days, even weeks after you nosh at this hidden gem.





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