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Because Art is Cool

Canyon Mountain Lion, oil on canvas by Sally Hall
Image courtesy of Sedona Arts Center

This summer experience a spectacular showcase of works by member artists at the Sedona Arts Center’s Special Exhibition Gallery and Theater from July 28 – August 22, 2012. This much anticipated event’s Opening Reception will be held on First Friday August 3, 2012 from 5 to 8 pm. You’ll find a variety of styles and mediums from exquisite jewelry, fine art paintings, sculptures, ceramics and more! Come mingle with the artists on this exciting evening.

Students, members and patrons alike will be showing their work – 43 artists in all. Faculty member Joanie Wolter says, “Several of my former students who are showing their work in the co-op. Meg Friemarck, Tracy Elliot, Deb Lovejoy, and Lucele Coutts. It is so exciting to see their progress!” As with any teacher, she’s thrilled to see her students blossom and the creativity evident in each of their works. “As a teacher, it’s very exciting to witness your students falling in love with the medium you’ve presented to them. And to see them excel is awesome!”

This show is a direct result of requests from members for more opportunities to show their work – some of whom will be exhibiting in a gallery setting for the first time.

Other co-op artists who frequent the Arts Center classrooms include Jan Oden, who has experienced the joy of working with Barbara Brown in her sculpting classes. Katherine Stewart, Pat Swanason and Sel Wasson have also been regulars in the Ceramics classes. Plus, we can never forget Gretchen Lopez, our prize teacher who can be proud of her students Pat Reed, Joan Bankert and Helen Lane-Parker.

The Exhibiting Artists are: Tracy Elliott, Randy Elliott, Sally Hall, Oceana-Lori Kraus, Pat Reed, Christie Palmer, Carolyn Sommers, Linda Coleman, Jan Oden, Barbara Brown, Phil Goldblatt, Jack Jackson, Greg Evans, Joanie Wolter, Lucele Coutts, Deb Lovejoy, Richard Barnwell, Bruce Newman, Adryanna Ciera, Lorraine Fexas, Sharron Porter, Harold Ullery, Bev Jenai-Myers, Helen Lande, Julie Ronning-Talbot, Stephanie Brand, Janet Bass, Judy Wolf, Joan Bankert, Cynde Polenick, Norma Holden, Patricia Swanson, Katharine Stewart, Patricia Lee, Meg Freimarck, Des Matthews, Mary Ratner, Selden Wasson, Jean Jorgensen, Jim Peterson, Holly Stedman, Robin Mason, and David Simmer.

Don’t miss this exciting evening at Sedona Arts Center!

The Sedona Arts Center is located at State Route 89A & Art Barn Road in uptown Sedona. The Galleries are open daily from 10-5.  For more information call 928-282-3809 or visit SedonaArtsCenter.com.

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Celebrating Our Centennial: The 5 C’s on Canvas

Grand Canyon Weather

For the past two years, a pair of Arizona artists have been traversing the state, rendering the colorful vistas and history in paint through the 5 C’s: Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus and Climate. Their efforts have resulted in a body of 100-plus paintings, which will be exhibited at several venues and on-line to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Arizona’s statehood.

Cotton Clouds, Cotton Field

The idea was conceived of by Becky Joy, who thought of it as a great vehicle for learning the history of, and exploring the state. A little while in to the project, she invited Christine Debrosky, who, as a fairly new resident welcomed the opportunity. Accomplished artists, both woman have garnered numerous awards and exhibited their work extensively across the United States.

Autumn Leap

We spoke to Christine about this traveling exhibit:

Why did you decide to do this?
As I’m sure you’re aware, the idea was Becky Joy’s initially, as a way to learn more about Arizona’s history, and a great excuse to explore the state, paintbrush in hand.

I was honored when she asked me to join her in the project. As a fairly new resident, I am seeing many of these places for the first time. Artists strive to view things with fresh eyes, and I am getting to do just that; a perfect opportunity.

What do you hope to accomplish with this traveling exhibit?
To bring an awareness of the “quirky beauty” that surrounds us here, as well as the awe-inspiring, pristine landscapes and climate that Arizona is famous for.

By that I mean there are numerous out-of- the way places that have a quiet beauty that resonates with the past. Where I live, in Clarkdale, which was one of the nation’s first planned communities, is a great example. It is like a “snapshot in time.”

Why should people pay attention care about the Centennial?
Learning about Arizona’s contribution to the economic history of the United States is an enriching experience. More importantly, it is an opportunity for Arizonans to show off all of the great things about our state, and why we choose to live here. We are all aware that lately we have been cast in a less tha flattering light in the national media. Let’s ignore that, and celebrate all that is good. It is our time to shine.

The public will have several opportunities for viewing this engaging exhibition: 40 will hang in ASU’s Gammage exhibition space Phoenix in May; 50 at the Manheim Gallery in Cottonwood mid-September to October; and selected works will hang at Windrush Gallery in Sedona, in 2013, where both artists are represented.

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