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Happy Birthday Arizona Highways! We’re 92 Years Old and Counting.

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Happy birthday Arizona Highways! Today we’re celebrating 92 years (and counting), and we’re still going strong. As you may know, Arizona Highways is synonymous with stunning photography and stories that are both beautifully written and rich in history … and every individual who touches this publication is mindful of that, which is why, with every issue, we strive to give you, our readers, even more.

“For more than 90 years, Arizona Highways has been telling the compelling stories and showcasing the people and places that make the Grand Canyon State such a desirable, diverse and distinctive destination,” says Arizona Highways Publisher Win Holden. “While much has been written about the economic value of the magazine and its array of related products, perhaps its greatest asset remains the nearly century-old treasure trove of Arizona history found inside each and every issue.”

Though we published the very first magazine edition of Arizona Highways in 1925, we actually ran our first pamphlet in 1921. The first couple of paragraphs of “The Whyfore,” or what we would consider to be the Editor’s Letter today, read as follows:

Millions of dollars thru legislative appropriations, county and city bond issues are being expended yearly in Arizona in the construction of highways either directly or indirectly under the supervision of the State Highway Department.

The taxpayers of Arizona have a right to know how the money is being spent. They have a right to know all there is to know about this department for our highway program is coming to be regarded secondary in  importance only to our public school system.

Below are the first few pages of Arizona Highways. It’s truly an honor to work for an organization so steeped in Arizona history — and we hope you’ll help support and preserve our magazine for decades to come.

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