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Check Out Our June 2014 Cover!

June 2014


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Check Out These Great Gift Ideas…


“In my mind, there was no golden era, just decades and decades of spectacular photography — one great shot after another.” — Robert Stieve

The holidays are right around the corner — OK, not really, but everyone else seems to be getting into the spirit (and not the Halloween variety) — so, with that, why not start thinking about what you’ll be giving your favorite friends and family this gift-giving season?

Not to worry; we have three very good ideas below:

100 greatest

100 Greatest Photographs to Ever Appear inArizona Highways Magazine: From Navajo families and a Mohave girl to the splendor of the Grand Canyon and the grasslands of Southern Arizona, the 100 images that appear in these pages are the best to have ever been published in Arizona Highways, as chosen by Photo Editor Jeff Kida and Editor Robert Stieve. As Stieve writes, “In my mind, there was no golden era, just decades and decades of spectacular photography — one great shot after another.” This book celebrates those great shots, both old and new, and pays tribute to the men and women who made them.

camping guideArizona Highways Camping Guide: From quiet, isolated high-mountain sites to low-desert locations, Arizona Highways Camping Guide features 100 of the best campgrounds in Arizona. The book, which includes Arizona Highways’ iconic photography and maps, is sorted by region and written for car-campers and families. Detailed information about locations, amenities, seasonal accessibility and fees is included with each listing.

hiking guideArizona Highways Hiking Guide: Fifty-two of the best day hikes in Arizona — one for each weekend of the year, organized by seasons. Robert Stieve, editor of Arizona Highways magazine and an experienced backwoods trekker, selected hikes ranging from easy walks in the woods to challenging journeys to Arizona’s highest peaks and deepest canyons — including the Grand Canyon. In-depth trail guides, descriptions, warnings and GPS coordinates are included with each hike, along with the magazine’s classic fine photography.

All three books are available at Costco and at the Arizona Highways store.

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Q&A with Tyler Williams, Author of “Paddling Arizona”

Courtesy of Tyler Williams

We spoke to Tyler Williams about his guide book, Paddling Arizona: A Guide to Lakes, Rivers, and Creeks. Tyler is the author of six books, all published through Funhog Press. He is a regular contributor to Kayak Session, Canoe & Kayak, and American Forests magazines, among others. For more on Tyler and his books, visit www.funhogpress.com.

Below, Tyler talks about why you should start paddling:

When did your passion for the outdoors begin to take shape?
I remember looking into the dark forests near our eastern Canada home when I was five years old. The feeling of mystery and intrigue that hit me that day has never left me. My family moved to Arizona when I was seven, and my exposure to natural wonders only expanded from there. My dad was always up for an adventure, and my mom took me on backpacking trips during my youth. By high school, I was solo backpacking, and once I went away to college it was all over—such a world to explore! If I didn’t have some exposure to nature almost every day, I think I’d go insane.

Obviously, you love water… talk to me about your earliest adventures on the water?
My parents are from Spokane, Washington, so growing up I spent summers in North Idaho at our family cabin on Lake Pend Oreille. Fishing for perch, water-skiing, sailing, life revolved around water, and the lake. But it wasn’t until I was introduced to rivers that my inspiration really blossomed. When I was thirteen, we took a commercial river trip on the lower Salmon River. That was a seminal experience. By college I got a job guiding for my cousin Mary (a graphic artist, she now designs my books), who owned a raft company on the Payette River in Idaho. Traveling the river guiding circuit became my life for several years.

What are some of your favorite water adventures here in Arizona?
Well, a river trip through Grand Canyon is an obvious world-class adventure here. But there are also many other unique destinations that most people would never think about. That’s what’s cool about Arizona, it’s the state of hidden wonders. Topock Marsh is a fabulous place for paddling and bird watching. A trip down Tonto Creek’s Hellsgate Canyon is a totally classic whitewater trip.

Let’s talk about your book – why did you decide to tackle this subject?
The idea of a paddling book for Arizona definitely raised some eyebrows, but once I committed to it and began investigating all these watering holes, I figured it would be a hit. Water is scarce and precious in Arizona, so people are naturally attracted to it. Originally, I wanted to create a new version of Fletcher Anderson and Ann Hopkinson’s book, Rivers of the Southwest, but that task got too monumental, and I realized a flatwater aspect to an Arizona book would be more marketable, so that’s what I focused on.

How long did it take you to finish the book?
Exploring the flatwater rivers and lakes was a lot of fun, it took me about a year of rambling around the state, finding little blue dots on the map, and then paddling them all. The whitewater part of the book was a labor of love. I had notes collected from over a decade of paddling trips. Even my first book, Canyoneering Arizona, was sort of a prequel to this book, because many of the canyons I hiked were undertaken as scouting missions for later paddling descents. Once I really started to put it all together, it took me about two years to get Paddling Arizona on the shelves.

Is this book for beginners or advanced paddlers?
This book is for everybody. Just about anybody can sit in a stable recreational kayak or canoe and paddle on a calm lake, and those destinations are a big part of the book. At the other end of the spectrum, whitewater paddlers can use the book to get as scared as they like.

What can readers expect?
In all my guidebooks, I try to describe a place so that readers get a feel for what it is like; and I try to give good directions to the launch ramp or trailhead. Beyond that, the experience someone has is up to them as individuals. I don’t want to tell readers how to have their own adventure. We go into nature to find our own peace, and see things with our own unique perspectives. I can’t dictate that from the pages of a book. So, I hope my books are guides that facilitate people’s excursions into the outdoors, and I hope my readers have worthwhile or perhaps even enlightening experiences once they are there.

What are some of your favorite destinations in this book?
For flatwater rivers, Black Canyon is a favorite of mine. It is hardly a wilderness experience, but it is an amazing natural landscape—hot springs in desert canyons, outrageous! As for desert lakes, there is nothing like Lake Powell. It’s just totally surreal. One of my top high country lakes is Reservation Lake. The forest there is super lush. I have many fond memories of the whitewater rivers in the book. Burro Creek is a great class III run. Tonto Hellsgate is top quality class V.







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Robert Stieve’s Road Trip Playlist

Flickr photo by Cogdogblog

Arizona Highways Editor Robert Stieve has logged a lot of miles criss-crossing the state……. and along the way, he’s put together his favorite driving tunes……… you know, those jams that amp you up for the journey to come.

Well, we thought we’d share Robert’s list below………… because, hey, these songs are just plain fun.

So what do you listen to when you’re on the road?

Robert’s Road Trip Playlist:

1. Band on the Run, Paul McCartney & Wings

2. Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key, Billy Bragg & Wilco

3. Deacon Blues, Steely Dan

4. Life’s Been Good, Joe Walsh

5. Pancho & Lefty, Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard

6. Down by the River, Neil Young

7. Running on Empty, Jackson Browne

8. Gold on the Ceiling, Black Keys

9. Hey Jo, Jimi Hendrix

10. Hotel California, The Eagles

11. Friend of the Devil, Grateful Dead

12. Refugee, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers


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Friday Fotos: Where Is Your Sense of Adventure?

Lacy Kruger Photography | Navajo Reservation

Thanks to everyone who shared their adventure photos with us. It’s great to see so many of you taking advantage of Arizona’s great outdoors! Don’t forget to share this post with your Facebook and Twitter friends… who knows, you might inspire them to get outside this weekend.

By submitting photographs to Arizona Highways via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or other social networking sites, the photographer grants Arizona Highways electronic rights. No financial consideration will be paid to anyone for publication on the Arizona Highways blog or Website.


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Visit Arizona’s National Parks… For FREE!

Photo by Susan Kordish

In honor of the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday, good old Uncle Sam is offering free admission to all 397 national parks from January 14-16.

“Dr. King led the fight to realize his dream of a nation free of discrimination, where every citizen was able to enjoy the inalienable rights promised to all Americans,” said National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis. “Dr. King’s story and those of so many others whose efforts changed our country are preserved in the national parks, places where history happened. I hope every American can take advantage of the upcoming fee free weekend and visit their parks to experience their history firsthand.”

For us, this means FREE admission to parks like Canyon De Chelly, Tumacácori, Grand Canyon, Montezuma Castle, Yuma Crossing, Organ Pipe Cactus, Tuzigoot, Petrified Forest, Sunset Crater Volcano and Fort Bowie… to name just a few.

Click here for a complete list of national parks in AZ.

If you take advantage of this offer, be sure to take some photos and post them to our Facebook page.

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