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Gas is Cheap. Go Drive Somewhere

No plans for the weekend? Well, consider taking your wheels for a spin, because gas prices in Arizona are the lowest in the nation this week. WOOT!

According to our friends at AAA Arizona, the average price for unleaded regular gas is $3.39 a gallon. The national average is hovering around $3.65 per gallon.

Cheap gas prices + the weekend = a few road hitting ideas from your pals at Arizona Highways… First: pick up the August issue for our latest scenic drive. Stop when you hit that cool swimming hole.

For more scenic drives, visit our website, which offers a healthy collection of drives around the state. Now get out there and DRIVE!


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Help Support Arizona’s State Parks…

Dead Horse Ranch by Derek Von Briesen

Arizona is incredibly fortunate to have so many magnificent state parks and natural areas — that’s the good news. Here’s more good news: Some 2.2 million people visit these sites each year. Translation? Tourism is great for Arizona’s economy, something that affects every single person who lives in this state.

Now, for the bad news: You may have heard in the news recently that many of these sites and parks are in danger of being closed; or even worse, the entire parks system could completely collapse due to a lack of funding.

With 31 state parks at risk, including the stunning landscapes at Red Rock State Park, the cooling waters at Slide Rock State Park and the magical saguaros at Lost Dutchman State Park, it’s our duty as stewards of our state to help avert this crisis.

Now, AAA Arizona will donate $10 to the Arizona State Parks Foundation for each new auto, home or life insurance quote requested through the rest of the month.

That’s it.

A simple phone call.

Five minutes can really make a big difference.

All you have to do is call (toll-free) 1-866-298-1232 or stop by your local AAA office, and mention “State Parks.”

Need even more motivation to make that call?

In 2007, NAU calculated the economic impact of our state parks to Arizona. It found that directly and indirectly, the parks contributed more than $266 million to our economy, which includes 3,347 jobs and more than $22 million in taxes to state and local governments.

AAA Insurance and the Arizona State Parks Foundation are working hard to overcome these threats by advocating for a sustainable State Park system.

What can we say? We love a great cause like this.

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Why Red Rock Matters

Join us for Bluegrass in the Red Rocks on Saturday, May 7. For more information, visit http://www.arizonahighways.com/BluegrassFestival.asp. Photograph by Derek von Briesen

Renee Bahl, Executive Director of Arizona State Parks, sent the following letter to our publisher, Win Holden. Read it to learn more about the importance of our State Parks program and the Bluegrass in the Red Rocks event.

Congratulations! We applaud the efforts of the Benefactors of Red Rock State Park who have planned this exciting new bluegrass Festival on May 7 as part of the Annual Chamber Music Sedona series. With the support you have received from Arizona Highways and AAA Arizona, we know the Festival will attract many people from the Valley to the Sedona area. We appreciate the work of the Benefactors who are enthusiastic and hardworking and who volunteer daily to save Red Rock State Park for residents of Sedona, their children, and their grandchildren.  This volunteer effort also benefits the tourism businesses that welcome these Sedona visitors who come to explore, hike and enjoy the park throughout the year. The Arizona State Parks Board encourages you to get your tickets early for the 5th Annual Bluegrass Festival.

Good luck,

Renée Bahl, Executive Director

Arizona State Parks

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