Friday Fotos: National Parks (Not Just the Grand Canyon!)

AJ Ringström | Saguaro National Park

AJ Ringström | Saguaro National Park

Some people (including a few commenters on our Facebook page) think Arizona has only one national park. While the Grand Canyon may be the most famous national park here, Arizona is home to 22 national parks, monuments, memorials and historic sites. There are plenty of Grand Canyon shots in this week’s Friday Fotos gallery, but also plenty from some lesser-known parks in the Grand Canyon State.

Make plans to visit one of these parks soon! Don’t forget, entrance fees are waived next Saturday, September 27.

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4 responses to “Friday Fotos: National Parks (Not Just the Grand Canyon!)

  1. Are Navaho Nation Parks eligible as well? They are National Parks, just not US National Parks.

  2. gary l. perry

    I’ve been reading you magazine since about 1950, always loved your photos, they made me want to see Arizona, when I was older and had a family we did just that . From one end to the other. Thanks for your magazine for all these years, I still read it , and remember the past, thanks. Gary

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