You Tell Us: What’s the Best Burrito in Arizona?

We’ve been closely following the Burrito Bracket, a FiveThirtyEight project in which burritos around the country face off, March Madness style, to see which is the best burrito in America. Arizona’s own Carolina’s Mexican Food advanced to the Sweet 16 with its red machaca burro, but last week, it lost out to a Los Angeles bean-and-cheese burrito in a closely contested semifinal.

Some of us here can personally vouch for the deliciousness of Carolina’s burritos, but there are plenty of other great burrito joints in the Grand Canyon State. In fact, it’s a travesty that the FiveThirtyEight bracket included only one other Arizona restaurant, Vincent’s on Camelback in Phoenix. (While Vincent’s is a fine establishment, its entry was a lobster chimichanga, which isn’t really a burrito and also isn’t on the menu anymore.)

This isn’t the first time we’ve polled you on this, but you tell us: What’s the best burrito in Arizona? (We’ve started with a few old favorites in this poll, but feel free to add your own suggestions.)


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18 responses to “You Tell Us: What’s the Best Burrito in Arizona?


    The charming little, family owned Rio Rico on Val Vista in Gilbert does a pretty mean burrito! … mmmmm is that a home-made tortilla??

  2. Margie Brandon

    Globe- Miami has the best Mexican food in Arizona. All the restaurants are good, come and try them you won’t be disappointed!

  3. Myles Hodson

    There is no such thing as a burrito…they are burros…Globe and Miami AZ burros are world famous. Way back in ’93 a young woman from Maine who was a guest of ours at a Globe Mexican Food cafe and who had been exposed to lots of New Mexico style food took one bite and exclaimed, “THIS IS REAL MEXICAN FOOD!” She knew she had found the Paradise of Mexican food right here in our little towns. Guayo’s on the Trail is one of the best.

    • Rebecca

      burrito is a term that means small burro. But Globe-Miami is the best place to find the best burro, that is for sure!

  4. Velma Hodson

    5 Generations of my family have enjoyed the Mexican food in Globe and Miami. Even though many have scattered to the four winds whenever they get even as close as Phoenix they make the extra trip to “Home” to get some REAL Mexican food that always includes some burros. Many will stock up and take some home for their own special delivery.

  5. Rod Brewer

    Globe Miami without a doubt. I cannot resist The Burger House (Case de Casillas) green Chile burros. ADDICTIVE!!!

    • Jason

      I fully agree with Rod, Burger House or La Cocina De Casillas, first thing on your left as you enter the Globe/Miami area has some of the most original and addictive recipes for their red/green chili as well as many other authentic mexican dishes and I have made my rounds through the mexican food heaven of Globe-Miami! A MUST-TRY for mexican food fans!

  6. Karen Esparza

    We agree…….in Globe-Miami…….they are Burros! Our area is well known for having the BEST MEXICAN FOOD and MARGARITAS!!!!!

  7. Tonya Marinacci

    Globe/Miami has the best Mexican food in Arizona, burros being the specialty. You can’t go wrong with any of the restaurants but my favorite is Guyaos on the Trail. My family has moved from Arizona but every time we come to visit, we always make it to Globe/Miami for the Mexican food.

  8. Derek w

    Guayos on the trail and burger house in globe-Miami are the best burros money can buy

  9. Joseph Hammer


  10. Guayo’s on the Trail if I were to choose just one, but I would happy vote for Burger House, La Casita, or Chalo’s. Absurd that Globe-Miami was left off the polls, the author obviously knows nothing about good Mexican food.

  11. Miami – Globe Hands Down has the BEST Burros in the world.

  12. Laci

    La Casita has the best “burros” in Globe…Whenever we go, we always get extra to take home, nothing else like them. Yum!!

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