New Grand Canyon Exhibit Highlights the Arizona Trail

Gill Couto | Arizona Trail

Gill Couto | Arizona Trail

As reported by our friends at The Arizona Republic, a visitors center near the Grand Canyon is opening an exhibit on the 817-mile Arizona Trail, which runs from Arizona’s northern border with Utah to its southern border with Mexico.

The trail, a federally designated National Scenic Trail, showcases some of Arizona’s most spectacular landscapes. A small portion of it passes through the Grand Canyon.

Earlier this year, we told you about Sirena Dufault, who hiked the entire trail to raise awareness of it. This new exhibit, at Tusayan’s National Geographic Visitor Center, should help that effort, too.

For more information about the Arizona Trail, visit the Arizona Trail Association’s website,


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3 responses to “New Grand Canyon Exhibit Highlights the Arizona Trail

  1. tom

    fellow Arizona trail hikers, just to remind you that there is an offshoot trail that takes you to downtown superior, Arizona for some “nontrail” food xperience! it is called the “lost” trail. we trail hikers need to support these local depressed economies as much as possible. a trail is a lot less destructive than another copper mine………

  2. James Cloud

    Hi Vic,

    I thought this might interest you. I’ve hiked a small portion of the Arizona Trail back when it was just getting started at the point where it crosses by the Kentucky Camp in the Santa Rita Mtns. It was nice, but there was also a large group of mountain bikers that came barreling down the trail when I was there. That didn’t exactly enhance the wilderness experience…


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