Salt River Canyon Rest Stop to Reopen This Fall

Rex Lavoie | Salt River Canyon

Rex Lavoie | Salt River Canyon

After being closed for several years, the Salt River Canyon rest stop along U.S. Route 60 will reopen this fall, our bosses at the Arizona Department of Transportation announced last week.

The rest area has been closed because of a lack of funding for improvements, but several rest areas around Arizona have been improved through an ADOT program that began in 2011.

Crews will improve the area’s restrooms, repave the parking lot and add new signs, among other renovations. The rest area will be maintained by a private company that has partnered with ADOT.

(The photo above is not the rest stop. It’s not in that bad of shape.)


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5 responses to “Salt River Canyon Rest Stop to Reopen This Fall

  1. Michael macrae

    Nice that it’s going to reopen. Are there going to be improvements to the old gas station/convenience store? Will there be semi truck parking?


    I rested here anyway, amid the bottles and trash, plus spent an hour photographing the old jail.

  3. Stu D

    I’ve been to worse rest stops than the photo…….At exit 79, Silver Springs Rd., on I 40 there is no facility, no building, no “sani-can”, no nothing, yet folks stop there to void every bodily fluid/substance, ever defined.

  4. Shannon Otero

    It’s about time. So sad everytime I drive through. I hope someone puts some time and money into the gas station and store as well.

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