Yarnell Memorial Concepts Will Be Unveiled Tonight

Keith Zimmerman‎ | Yarnell Hill

Keith Zimmerman‎ | Yarnell Hill

At a community meeting tonight in Yarnell, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture will present three design concepts for a memorial to the 19 firefighters who died in last year’s Yarnell Hill Fire.

“The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture is honored to work with the Yarnell Hill Recovery Group to help the community of Yarnell remember the fire that took the lives of the 19 hotshot firefighters and devastated large parts of the town,” Viktor Sidy, an architect from the school, says in a statement. “In our designs we propose a park that includes portions dug into the earth to find protection and solace, introduces water as a metaphor for overcoming the destructive power of fire, plants trees as living memorials to those whose lives were lost, and incorporates charred objects found after the fire to remember those who lost their homes. In various ways, these designs use the annual journey of the sun to mark the exact date and time of the loss of the 19 firefighters.”

The Frank Lloyd Wright team will present the three concepts for feedback from the community. Based on that feedback, a final design will be created.

The meeting is open to the public. It’s at 5:30 p.m. tonight at Yarnell Community Presbyterian Church, 16455 W. Table Top Way in Yarnell. For more information, visit the Yarnell Hill Recovery Group’s website.

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