Arizona Historian Marshall Trimble Retires From Teaching

Marshall Trimble | Jerri Parness Photography

Marshall Trimble | Jerri Parness Photography

If you’ve been reading Arizona Highways for a while, you know all about Marshall Trimble. Designated Arizona’s official historian since 1997, Trimble contributed to our 2012 Arizona Centennial issue, and his folksy “singing cowboy” persona has made him one of Arizona’s best-known figures.

Now, as The Arizona Republic‘s Dan Nowicki reports, Trimble is retiring from his “day job,” teaching a Southwest history course at Scottsdale Community College.

However, Trimble intends to carry on as official state historian, a title given to him by Gov. Fife Symington in 1997 and continued by each governor since. He will keep making public appearances at conventions and performing cowboy songs and telling stories about Arizona history at various gatherings.

The author of more than 20 Arizona-related books, he also intends to keep writing his popular “Ask the Marshall” column for Cave Creek-based True West magazine.

He is even keeping his office in SCC’s administration building, where he had been the school’s longtime director of Southwest studies. And he will still guest-lecture on campus.

“What it boils down to is that I’m retired, but I’m still doing the same thing,” Trimble said. “I’m working for nothing. I’m doing it for free now, and I’m glad to, because I had the best job in the world. I would have done it for nothing if I hadn’t had to pay a mortgage and buy gas for my pickup truck.”

To learn more about Trimble or get information about booking him for an appearance, visit

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One response to “Arizona Historian Marshall Trimble Retires From Teaching

  1. tom

    marshall trimble is an Arizona treasure. he is an individual with class, yet down to earth and full of humor. he doesn’t “ride the high horse” but instead will talk to anyone and always with a heavy dollop of humor. he was my az history prof so long ago jerry ford may have been in the white house? we both have sons who are veterans of the u.s.m.c. ashfork, Arizona doesn’t seem to garner any thoughts from us here in Arizona, but there must be something in the soil of ashfork to produce such a decent human as marshall trimble.

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