Oak Creek Canyon Closures Announced

Tom White | Slide Fire

Tom White | Slide Fire

Coconino National Forest officials have announced that they will close all of Oak Creek Canyon’s recreational areas in anticipation of monsoon rains. According to a report issued by Coconino County officials, there is a danger of “damaging and life threatening debris flow, rockslides and flooding.” Visitors to the area can expect closures after the Fourth of July weekend.

The human-caused Slide Fire burned more than 21,000 acres and cost $10.1 million.


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7 responses to “Oak Creek Canyon Closures Announced


  2. Randy Fridley

    Have all the campsites ever been closed for so long before in the history of Oak Creek Canyon. Seems unprecedented but surely needed for safety.

  3. Lynne

    They should have been closed when the fire risk became EXTREME, before stupid happened (the human caused Slide Fire). Now 21,000+ acres gone, countless animals suffered and perished. The ones that could move fast enough are now struggling to survive in new territory or are shot by AZ Fish and Game when they wander into tourist land. What could have been a minor inconvenience initially now is a epic tragedy. Untold future damage to the Oak Creek canyon, the remaining wildlife that needs the healthy creek to survive, private properties, and businesses from debris and mudslides will now occur for a few years to come.

  4. 5th generation Arizonian

    Why not close it BEFORE the 4th of July to protect what didn’t burn yet!

    • edith minnich

      agree with 5th gen. every inch of this state is beautiful, and should not be burned…. close it BEFORE 4th of July…. thats when all the idiots hit the woods…. amateur campers.

  5. Sad to think (and know) what Oak Creek and all below the burned out area can go through if Mother Nature decides to let go with a really big monsoon season. Lived on Trails End Lane during the 2003 flooding. Hate to think of what will runoff period big monsoon or not.The ” Closure ” is going to be interesting. Know what happened during the ” Uptown Enhancement ” period to business’s.Makes me mad that some blame the people (they count on) for the start of the fire.Could have been some “stupid” person from the area that started it.Should have closed the Canyon when the fire danger hits “Extreme”. You might want to think that one over. Does not have to be summer for “Extreme” to be posted. Swear about the only time that it isn’t would be when snows on the ground.Being that the area makes it’s money during “Tourist Season” (Christmas,Spring Break, Summer) I wish the best to all.

  6. Roberta Zimmerman

    We were visiting from Washington State exactly when the fire started…right at Slide Rock. It was heart breaking! I grew up near there and as kids we loved Oak Creek Canyon. So sorry for all…humans AND the animals.

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