Take ADOT’s Driver Survey About Dust Storms

Cheyenne L Rouse | Haboob moving into Chandler

Cheyenne L Rouse | Haboob moving into Chandler

Well, it’s official. June 15 marked the start of the monsoon season, and that means dust storms (and hopefully some rain, too). Due to the intensity of some dust storms, our friends at the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) are asking drivers for their help with a survey, which is designed to gauge driver reaction to dust storms, measure ADOT’s educational efforts and explore other ways public-service agencies can reach out to motorists about the dangers of dust storms.

In addition to the survey, selected community members will have the opportunity to participate in focus groups to help shape ADOT’s future public-education efforts about dust and other low-visibility events that impact highway travel.

Visit http://surveyentrance.com/run/pib/p1990/adot/ to begin the survey.


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3 responses to “Take ADOT’s Driver Survey About Dust Storms

  1. The survey link didn’t work for me, I had to seek shelter from a dust storm when traveling AZ in 2010! I-40 was closed and I had to spend an extra day lucky me I was in Winslow such a fine sight to see!

  2. FromThereToHere

    your link is bad – lose the period at the end, and THEN it will work! But I doubt anyone else will think to do that.

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