Since You Asked: No, Those Aren’t Photo-Radar Devices on Loop 101


Did you know Arizona Highways is a publication of the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)? It’s true! Knowing that, reader Ray Borchert recently contacted us to ask the following question:

Can you tell me what all of the sensors that are being installed in the local highways are for?  There are an awful amount of them in the [Loop] 101.  They look the same as the ones that were used for the photo enforcement.
We reached out to ADOT’s constituent services officer, Rusty Crerand, to find out what’s going on. “The sensors being installed on Loop 101 are part of our Freeway Management System,” Crerand says. “This sophisticated computerized system allows us to monitor traffic flow and adjust our ramp meters accordingly to maximize traffic flow.”


The sensors have nothing to do with speed or photo enforcement, Crerand says, adding that the sensors also help ADOT post travel times on freeway message signs during morning and evening rush hours.


Got a question you’d like us to ask our friends at ADOT? Let us know in the comments.

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