#SlideFire Burns 21,067 Acres; 55 Percent Contained

Sarah Dolliver‎

Sarah Dolliver‎

It’s day nine, and the Slide Fire has burned 21,067 acres and is now 55 percent contained. Here’s an update from the Incident Information System about the fire’s behavior:

Slide Fire: Variable Low to High Intensity Fire Effects

The Slide Fire resulted in a variety of fire effects across the landscape, as fuel types, weather, and topography changed. As a fast-moving wind-driven event early on, high-intensity fire behavior occurred in limited areas. Within the fire ‘footprint’ a variable mosaic pattern also formed with areas of high intensity surrounded by lower intensity effects. High intensity fire behavior generally means longer flame lengths with 75% or higher live foliage consumption. As the fire progressed, fire managers introduced lower intensity ignition operations, which consumed surface fuels in a controlled manner and served to mitigate additional fire effects.

View the entire photo album at http://tinyurl.com/ock2mv3

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