#SlideFire Consumes 10,609 Acres

Kelli Klymenko‎

Kelli Klymenko‎

The Slide Fire near Sedona continues to grow, consuming 10,609 acres of forest with containment at only 5 percent. Unfortunately, there isn’t much good news today. We’re hearing reports that this fire could double in size before firefighters are able to get it under control.

Below is the midday incident report from the Incident Information System:

Flagstaff, Ariz. – The Slide Fire is located in Oak Creek Canyon just north of Slide Rock State Park and burning northward, predominantly on the west side of the canyon.

Size: Approximately 10,609 acres.

The weather conditions in the area of the Slide Fire remained fairly stagnant this morning. The failure of the air inversion to lift has grounded observation aircraft and prohibited the use of helicopters for aerial ignition. Line crews will continue to burnout by hand the area between the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon and Forest Road 535. Mop up is continuing around structures in Oak Creek Canyon.

Because of fire conditions Coconino County has instituted a ban on open burning on County public lands and private lands in the unincorporated areas of the County. The ban went into effect at 10:30 a.m. Friday May 23 and will remain in effect until fire danger conditions subside. Further information on this ban may be found at http://www.coconino.az.gov.

The Incident Management Team expresses their sincere thanks for donations which were received in support of our firefighters. However they request that future donations be made to charities like United Way, the American Red Cross, Coconino and Yavapai Search and Rescue, or other local charitable organizations. Firefighters working the Slide Fire are well supplied and need no further clothing and food items. Individuals wanting to donate their time should contact the Northern Airzona United Way at (928) 773-9813 or nazunitedway.org.

Coconino County is reminding people to register their cellphone number with the County’sCodeRED emergency notification system at www.coconino.az.gov/emergency. Only those residents whose numbers are registered will receive a direct phone call about any type of pre- or mandatory evacuation order.

For information on air quality, please visit the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality website at http://wildlandfire.az.gov


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2 responses to “#SlideFire Consumes 10,609 Acres

  1. I think that the media overall is enjoying sensationalizing this a bit. Some of this acreage is fire set on purpose to control the fire, back burning so that when the fire reaches this point…it extinguishes itself…

    • Ken Robinson

      I think that Arizona Highways is in a unique position to advocate and drum up support for the restoration of southwestern forest due to the type of audience that reads its publication. I have enjoyed looking at the magazine for years and imagine that others have a similar appreciation that I have for the unique and varied landscapes that Arizona has to offer; which are so well illustrated by the magazine. I have spent 20 years exploring the Arizona backcountry and have seen the changes made by fire. Some of the changes have been beneficial but most have been devastating due to the fact that a high-intensity burn regime has replaced low-intensity fires that once dominated the landscape.
      We are all stakeholders that have a vested interest in restoring the vitality of our forest. I believe the benefits will far outweigh any cost. It’s creates jobs and is good for local businesses, tourism, wildlife, plant life, and is just ascetically pleasing to the eye and to the camera. We owe to ourselves and to future generations to fight for and support this cause. It just so happens that there is a Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI) stakeholder meeting taking place May 28th in the Fremont Room of the DuBois Conference Center on the campus of Northern Arizona University from 9am-4pm. http://4fri.org/pdfs/meetings/stakeholders/stakeholder_agenda_052814.pdf I encourage all those who can, attend this meeting and learn what 4FRI is all about (please spread the word). You can also find information on 4FRI here: http://4fri.org/index.html. The work has already started and we all need to support the efforts of 4FRI so that we all can continue to enjoy all the beautiful landscapes that Arizona has to offer.

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