Check Out Our June 2014 Cover!

June 2014


by | April 30, 2014 · 9:57 am

4 responses to “Check Out Our June 2014 Cover!

  1. Susan

    Keep your easy summer hikes from turning tragic by hiking smart and knowing how to use your compass! Read “Felix the Sugar Glider Be Safe Hike Smart” (Amazon). Remember to calibrate your compass to the declination at your camp site or the trail you’ll be hiking ( A compass doesn’t need satellites, a signal, or batteries and works in all types of weather, day or night, but you need to know how to use it and this book makes learning how to use a compass easy. Learn how to orient yourself using a compass, a compass and a map, no compass and a map, no compass and no map. The ability to know your way and know where you are is something we all need in any survival situation not just while hiking and camping. Learn what to pack for a day-hike, what to do if you get lost, how to get rescued, and survival packing (for the car and for the trail) just in case you end up unexpectedly spending the night outdoors. Buy it on Amazon, “Felix the Sugar Glider Be Safe Hike Smart”.

  2. flagstaff is beautiful !!!!!

  3. Lauri

    While I am not surpised, I am impressed! I guess they got their reputation becaause they know what they are doing! KUDOS!
    Miss you—–Lauri

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