Highway Logo Signs Help Businesses Get Noticed

If you’ve driven Arizona’s rural highways, you’ve probably noticed the blue signs advertising gas, food and lodging locations at each exit. Now, businesses in urban areas can get their logos on signs, too. That work is being done by Grand Canyon State Logo Signs, which is part of the same Arizona Department of Transportation division as Arizona Highways. Here’s a brief news story on the project. If you’d like more information about the program, visit the Grand Canyon State Logo Signs website.


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3 responses to “Highway Logo Signs Help Businesses Get Noticed

  1. tom

    sure beats what we used to have. enormous billboards that often blocked the views……..sorta put the monkeywrenchers outta business……

  2. I really like the signs in New Mexico; upon entering any given city, a highway sign tells you how many hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc. there are. While it is up to you to find out where they are, these signs at least let you know you have choices.

  3. Clara

    I completely agree. A sign or logo can bring the audience attraction thereby letting them know your company name. But care should be taken while you search for a service or company for sign manufacturing.

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