Vintage Arizona Highways Cover: March 1954



by | March 11, 2014 · 9:00 am

9 responses to “Vintage Arizona Highways Cover: March 1954

  1. jim weeks

    that cowboy in the picture is jay goza he was the trail boss for fred Harvey

  2. Caroline Kenny

    Who was the photographer?

  3. Molly Moxley

    Mazatzol Wilderness??

  4. Stephen Botel

    Photo by Josef Meunch??

  5. Stephen Botel

    Photo by Josef Muech??

  6. Christine Furnish

    So our family has a lot of vintage AZ highways and we don’t know what to do them all. I believe that some of them are even older than 1954. We have talked to Robin Sewell and she said nobody wants them anymore. We hate to just throw them away. Can someone please help.

    • I would hate to throw them away too. We have a box of perfect condition AZ Highways from the 80s. There’s gotta be someone who wants them. Have you tried to sell them on Etsy? Ebay? Heck, if I had some cash I’d take them off your hands. I collect vintage stuff from the 50s.

  7. Burdette Goza Marquis

    i would like a copy of that March 1954 arizona highways magazine. I lost mine. Jay Goza is my dad. I was born at the Grand Canyon in 1955 and moved away with my family in 1972.

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