Share Your Thoughts on the Proposed Phoenix-to-Vegas Interstate

Courtesy of Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

Courtesy of Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

There’s no getting around it: Driving from Phoenix to Las Vegas — Arizona’s closest big-city neighbor — can be a pain. The most direct route, which follows U.S. Route 93 from Wickenburg to the Vegas area, can be relatively slow going, especially in places where the road narrows to two lanes. And although the Hoover Dam Bypass, completed in 2010, saves some time, the fact remains that these two major cities aren’t connected by an interstate highway.

Our bosses at the Arizona Department of Transportation have been exploring that idea, and according to an article published this week in The Arizona Republic, the proposed Interstate 11 has gained momentum over the past two years. ADOT, in conjunction with the Nevada Department of Transportation, is studying the feasibility of such an interstate. But there are valid viewpoints on both sides of the I-11 proposal, and whether you think it’s a good idea or a bad one, now is your chance to have your voice heard.

The public-comment period on the study is still open, but it ends Friday, March 7. To share your thoughts and learn more about the proposed route, head over to the I-11 and Intermountain West Corridor Study page.


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23 responses to “Share Your Thoughts on the Proposed Phoenix-to-Vegas Interstate

  1. Dennis Studer

    It seems to be a road for Arizonians to more quickly leave their money in Nevada.

    • James Johnston

      More infrastructure is always a good thing if it can be done in an environmentally friendly way. Maybe high-speed rail would be a good choice too. That would help keep the drinkers from hurting themselves and others to get back home to AZ.

      • Sinbad

        I like your idea. It makes sense for the drinkers. BUt it would not help the trucking businesses, etc that would be using this highway. It will take years so I could care less as I wont be around to see this happen.\

  2. Excellent now it’s much faster to lose money and get back home before our tears dry up!

  3. I no longer live in Arizona so best keep my opinions to myself! Just curious about how much damage it will do to the environment.

  4. heyredhed

    I would like to see a safe and environmentally responsible road built. It can be done. And a lot of us do not go there to gamble. We have family there.

  5. Chuck Jason

    This I-11 will go right by my house in Henderson, NV. All of my neighbors and myself are quite upset over this. It will not only raise our taxes to help pay for the project it will also bring tons more traffic, noise, pollution etc. near my home. I think the current freeway from Vegas to Phoenix should be repaved instead of spending more money on another road. Especially between Vegas and Kingman, the road is full of potholes and is in very poor shape. I am completely against building the I-11, repair and improve what we have now.

    • Tiffany

      I have driven this route both a long time ago, and more recently. Between extra lanes having been added in certain spots over the years, and the bypass away from the dam, it has become a MUCH easier drive. I think for now its just fine. In the past, it was HELL!!!

  6. I don’t know why an interstate is needed. I have gone for Vegas many times and the drive is scenic and quick. There is enough damage to the environment as it is.
    Happy Travels,

  7. Just some thoughts – I live in North Carolina now, so I don’t have a dog in this hunt until I get back there:

    Even if the rest of the road weren’t built, improving the road from Phoenix up to I-40 would be a help. That would make it easier to get into the middle of California without dealing with LA.

    That corridor the article mentions is supposed to go all the way to Canada and down to Mexico at some point. The Phoenix-Vegas link already exists in part, though it would have to be upgraded to Interstate standards, so it’s an easy first step. But it will also open up Reno. Think about being able to get to San Francisco by going up to I-80 instead (might be longer, but much more scenic and maybe as fast). Or a faster route to Seattle. You could also catch I-15 to Salt Lake City.

    It would also open up more truck traffic and maybe take a load off some of the other interstates, like I-5. That’s undoubtedly the down side for a lot of people. Of course, opening up a throughway from Mexico to Las Vegas raises alarms for people worrying about drugs and illegal border crossers, comparable to what happens on I-35 now.

    In the Phoenix area, it would use the Hassayampa Freeway, so it would route more traffic around the south end of the Valley and take a load off I-10 through town.

  8. Make it toll road so taxpayers don’t have to pay for it. It’d have to be like bridges though, just a toll in one direction…going TO Vegas. Maybe slot machine tolls in NV.

  9. Nate H.

    If it could just bypass Henderson on the Nevada side, that would shave an hour off the trip. 93 from Wickenburg to Kingman is one of my favorite drives.

  10. It would be safer than the roads to and from now!

  11. Gary Laatsch

    I just drove there this last weekend and me and my wife were discussing this. I am aware of the plan and have mixed emotions. Most of the route is or will shortly be 4 lanes (started construction on one ares just south of I40). The longest stretch of 2 lane is through Joshua Tree State Park. There is low traffic (compared to I15 which I traveled many times when I lived in SoCal) and I can usually cruise control most of the way. I am never in a hurry to get there or get home so no matter.

    We though it good until we got on I40 and the road surface is terrible. If this is what we can expect from Federal Interstate, they can keep it. There is also proposals on the table in AZ to bypass part of Kingman and in NV to bypass Boulder City. This would take even more time off.

  12. Mike H.

    I-11 is proposed to basically follow along the existing Hwy 93 Corridor which sounds ok on the surface of it. However, it also proposes to bypass Wikieup and most or all of Wickenburg(and probably a host of other small towns in the other states affected). While Wickenburg might survive such a bypass I seriously doubt that Wikieup would. I am NEVER in favor of starving a town of it’s lifeblood! I saw how I-40 nearly destroyed Williams and Seligman as well as other towns along Route 66. It might have done the same to my own hometown if the local powers that be hadn’t fought tooth and nail to get it realigned to go through town instead of along the edge of the mountain like engineers thought it should be.
    While I am not opposed to the creation of the new interstate, I am opposed to the further expenditure of taxpayer money on even more infrastructure at the cost of existing infrastructure languishing as so often happens. Further, since the Interstate would also be a part of the Federal highway system, I am completely sure that there exist better opportunities for the use of any taxpayer money for infrastructure. Not to mention the fact that we are operating, as a country, in a deficit mode. Because of that I am also sure there are MUCH better uses for that money than on building a new interstate that promises to bypass any number of small communities only to benefit much larger ones.

  13. non-stop high speed rail is really what they should be seriously looking at.

  14. Rickard

    Since we will be traveling to Vegas to spend our money, perhaps NV could help pickup the tab of building the highway??

  15. Garrett

    America does not have the money. A new freeway would be nifty, but unless there is a prompt return on investment (and there is not) we must balance the federal budget first, then pay off our $17,400,000,000,000 debt, then think about new interstate construction projects.

  16. Susan S

    The old route is a minor inconvenience at best, compared with the anguish the new route would cause homeowners that do not want to live by an interstate, the environmental damage it would cause, and the loss of traffic and revenue to towns along the existing route. I say NO. Spend the money on a need to have, not a nice to have.

  17. well if you go to gamble so be it but for those who go for the beauty and history i will look forward to it .gambling halls are not exciting but the beauty of the sites and places are what we are for

  18. Carol McKinney

    Why don’t we fix Intetstate 10 to Tucson first. That is a deadly freeway. Also hate to take the traffic away from the small businesses in Wicki up and Wickenburg.

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