We’re Wild About Our March Cover


Have you seen our March cover yet? As we do every March, we’re featuring Arizona’s beautiful wildflowers. This year, though, we’re also including comments and advice from four masters of wildflower photography: Jack Dykinga, Tim Fitzharris, Tom Danielsen and George Stocking. This issue is a must for wildflower fans.

Other highlights include Kelly Vaughn Kramer’s profile of self-reliance expert Peter Bigfoot; a scenic drive through Pinery Canyon, in the Coronado National Forest; and the important work being done on a native-seeds farm in Patagonia. Look for the March issue on newsstands next month!


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2 responses to “We’re Wild About Our March Cover

  1. beautiful photo, makes me want to cancel my magezine subscription and get arizona highways even tho I most likly will never go there again.

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