Vintage Arizona Highways Cover: January 1941

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by | January 28, 2014 · 11:19 am

8 responses to “Vintage Arizona Highways Cover: January 1941

  1. I still love the feel of a good black and white photograph …

  2. I love this picture, but I’m really interested in what the script at the bottom says. “An odyssey of the ___ and Colorado.” Do you know what the word after the is? I can’t really make it out. It looks like it says green, but I’m not sure.

    • Susan

      Hi There, A comment about this cover is posted on AZ Highways FB page: Hi folks. Sometimes these old issues don’t include specific information about cover location. That said, the cover story was about the Colorado and Green rivers, so we’re guessing this is a shot from the Colorado. Interestingly, the story was authored by Barry Goldwater.

  3. Susan

    Where is this?

  4. em woo

    It is “Green” – It’s from the Barry Goldwater article in the issue about his summer 1940 trip from Green River, Utah to Lake Mead in 3 boats supplied by Norm Nevills down the Green & Colorado rivers. It looks like the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon looking upstream from an area near Granite Rapids or Hermit Rapids.

  5. em woo

    For the full story, check out the book “Delightful Journey: Down the Green and Colorado Rivers” by Barry Goldwater from one of the Phoenix Public Libraries. It’s a day-by-day diary with more full-page photos from the trip. A very nice blast from the past!

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