Presenting … Our 2013-14 Online Photo Contest Finalists

Government Prairie, near Flagstaff | John Tennant

Government Prairie, near Flagstaff | John Tennant

It wasn’t easy to pick only 30 finalists in our 2013-14 Online Photography Contest. We had nearly 5,000 entries, after all — and, to borrow a favorite phrase of Photo Editor Jeff Kida, “you brought it!” As fun as it was to sift through these spectacular images, it also made the task of narrowing them down that much harder.

That said, it’s finally done, and the finalists are up on our Photography page. The photo above is John Tennant’s, and it’s a finalist in the Landscape category. To see the other 29 finalists in the Landscape, Macro and Wildlife categories, click here.

Winners will be published in the September 2014 issue of Arizona Highways.


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14 responses to “Presenting … Our 2013-14 Online Photo Contest Finalists

  1. The pictures are beautiful, but obviously photoshopped. I, personally, would rather see REAL pictures of various locations in Arizona. I would not buy this calendar because it doesn’t say “yep, that’s my home” to me.

    • Photoshop is no different than darkroom work that used to be done to create photos. That was where a lot of real magic happened, even for the greats. Well done photoshop is the same, imho.

    • Bonnie

      That is really an unfair assumption on your part. Most photo contest require photographers to submit post-processing steps taken. Contrast, levels, sharpening etc, make a photo look like what you saw with your eyes but the settings you used didn’t. It didn’t place things in the photo that weren’t there so why would you say they weren’t real pictures. Just my honest opinion.

    • Simon -Peter Vladimir Kregar

      Obviously you are wrong. I do not and have at no time had “Photoshop” or any similar systems.

  2. iosatel

    Wonderful landscape, excellent work!

  3. JT

    Photoshop is a tool for expression. My only statement on the matter. Well done to all the finalists, excellent work!! Excited for the Feb. issue!

  4. Katherine

    While I have no objection to the photoshop process, and applaud the finalists for their superb images, I thought the contest rules expressly stated that the submitted images must not be manipulated or post-camera edited to any extent. I would bet many entrants stuck to that restriction.

  5. Some Dude

    Editing is allowed per the rules and I don’t believe any of the finalists stretched those rules:

    “Minor burning, dodging and/or color correction is acceptable. Hand tinting is acceptable, as is cropping. Fish-eye lenses are acceptable. High dynamic range images (HDR) and stitched panoramas are acceptable only if the combined parts are all made around the same time. Any changes to the original Photograph not itemized here are unacceptable and will render the Photograph ineligible for a prize.”

  6. Katherine

    Exactly! The rules allow for minor stuff, not photo editing to any extent or what one would consider “photo-shopped”. And as I stated previously, most entrants assuredly respected the rules. I think we’re in agreement, Some Dude. 🙂

  7. Beautiful images of Arizona, including of my beloved Sedona. Thanks for this! I’m likewise to excited for this. –

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