Friday Fotos: Arizona’s Starry Skies at Dusk

Greg McKelvey | Pine

Greg McKelvey | Pine

This week’s Friday Fotos theme was a challenge, so thank you to everyone who shared their stunning photographs on our Facebook wall. We hope you enjoy the gallery.

By submitting photographs to Arizona Highways via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or other social networking sites, the photographer grants Arizona Highways electronic rights. No financial consideration will be paid to anyone for publication on the Arizona Highways blog or Website.

By publishing a photographer’s work to its blog, Arizona Highways does not endorse the photographer’s private business or claim responsibility for any business relationships entered into between the photographer and our readers.


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3 responses to “Friday Fotos: Arizona’s Starry Skies at Dusk

  1. Kellie Foster

    Beautiful pictures!! Love Arizona!!! You guy’s Rock!!

  2. Great shots of Arizona! Quite a challenge indeed to take these long exposure shots! Nicely done!

  3. Arizona is so magical, so diverse, so incredibly beautiful ~
    all that and more, so vividly captured in these stunning photographs!

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