Vintage Arizona Highways Cover: October 1955

vintage october cover


by | October 22, 2013 · 8:25 am

5 responses to “Vintage Arizona Highways Cover: October 1955

  1. Jim L. Burden

    Why would I want Mexico’s coast on my ARIZONA Highways❓😡

  2. Sue R - Arizona

    Agreed, Jim – my immediate thought was “WOW – where’s that”? 🙂 And then . . . found out it’s Mexico! 😦

  3. Same reaction. 😀 Nice view! And then boom. Mexico. Of course, I love Mexico, but this is Arizona Highways of course. Still, I’m curious as to what were the circumstances that year (October 1955) that made this photo the magazine cover.

  4. Its my beauty port of Mazatlán ,and i surprised too watching this photo in Az HIGHWAYS Magazine…but i love Mazatlán and Arizona….

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