Grand Canyon Open for Business

Ed Taube

Ed Taube

Good news, friends! The Grand Canyon is back in business — at least for the next seven days or so. Starting at 8 a.m. today, visitors to the Canyon can expect gates to be open. Keep in mind that there might be some delays here and there as vendors get back on their feet following the 11-day closure of the park.

Maybe it wasn’t on the agenda this weekend, or maybe you can take a vacation day (or two) next week, but we hope you’ll help support our friends at the Grand Canyon with a visit.


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17 responses to “Grand Canyon Open for Business

  1. Monty Furlong

    That’s great news but what about Canyon de Chelly? We have reservations at Hotel there in about a week.

  2. Kev

    Whoopeeeee! Progress!

  3. krincolorado

    Great news!!! How about setting up a donation station where the funds go directly to keeping the park open or a website to do the same.

  4. patriciaddrury

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  5. Rebecca

    Who gets to keep the entrance fees collected during this time? I’d love to go up in support but not if the feds are getting the money when the state is paying to re-open the park.

  6. Its all so sad. Children fighting over something that was passed already, and we the people hurt from it. At least some of the states are taking things in their own hands. Love the Grand Canyon, Americas best Socialist Experiment. Great picture too.

  7. martha


  8. We need a bill that reverts all national parks to the states they belong too whenever a shutdown occurs. And all revenue that is gained during the shutdown goes into the states coffers not the feds. Most of these National Parks are self sufficient with the hotel’s Camps sites etc covering most of the expenses to keep these parks open.

    However the staffing levels with so many federal Rangers etc… Could be reduced from most of the parks I’ve seen. Which is why the overhead on the parks currently is so high. Do we really need 10 visitor guides to talk about a walk in nature there everyday? Just let us explore our parks as the outdoors was intended.

    • Shephard

      I’m afraid you understand little regarding how National Parks are run.

      The money earned from hotels, the RV campground, and gift shops goes to the operating concessionaire, Xanterra. The park gets a percentage of their earnings, but it is less than you might think.

      Rangers are there to protect the resource and educate, since people are idiots.

      If Arizona ran GRCA, the number of flights (fixed wing or heli) would increase exponentially. Most people working there would be unemployed, as Arizona barely has enough money to keep itself running.

    • Turning our national parks and monuments over to the states at any time is an idea that scares me to death, particularly here in Arizona. It wasn’t very long ago that the Arizona legislature swept the State park funds. And, at the same time closed most, if not all, state parks. A few were able to re-open when private donations were received.
      As well, there is still strong sentiment amongst a faction of a certain political party here in our state that advocates privatizing our state parks. That idea concerns me greatly as part of the idea behind the national parks is to prevent what privitaziation would do.
      It is my understanding that the funds received in each park that actually go to the Federal government are pooled with the park itself only receiving a certain % of the revenue. While there are some parks that most likely to ‘turn a profit’, those would also be the expansive parks with the higher visitor counts that would cost more to staff and run. And, from the foolishness I’ve seen many visitors exhibit whilst in a park I don’t believe we can ever have enough rangers there.

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    Sanity slowly returns to our national park systems with “creative” funding provided by local sources.

  10. Wow great news! Although it somehow feels as if one is racing against time because, as announced, the Grand Canyon will be opened only for 8 days. And today is already what?! 😀 Anyway, for those who can’t make it at GC this time around, why not just join the hiking challenge being offered in Sedona, Arizona?

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